Some Messenger, Instagram features temporarily disabled in Europe

 (IANS) Facebook is temporarily disabling some Messenger and Instagram features to “respect new messaging service rules.”

While it is not clear how many features are disabled, polls on both Messenger and Instagram are currently unavailable in Europe, reveals the company on its support pages.

“This feature (polls on Messenger) may be unavailable if you’re located in Europe or messaging an account based in Europe to respect new messaging service rules. We’re working to bring it back,” says a message on one such page.

Stickers on Instagram and personalised replies on Messenger are also missing for users located in Europe, The Verge reported on Thursday.

These features, along with a few others, are temporarily disabled as Facebook needs to comply with new data usage rules for countries in the European Union.

It is part of the implementation of the 2002 Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, said the report.

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