Shane Warne – Poker’s real deal?

Shane established himself as one of the best cricket players before he retired. After retiring, he was seen on regular podiums with poker brands and  Nugget online casino . His leg-spin character is what his fans miss most since he had mastered the art to perfection.

His unique style is the one that contributed to his unique style of playing. He was an aggressive player, and the leg-spin bowling made him a formidable opponent for batsmen. He was one of the most feared players of all time since he could spin the bowel to almost 90 degrees.

2008 Is When It All Started

Shane signed his first contract to represent a poker brand. Pundit and observers were quick to allude that the move he took was not an accident. According to them, Shane was looking to be recognized beyond cricket. The move came when the media was all over him with claims of infidelity and overuse of drugs.

When questioned about the move on the deal, he claimed that it was not all about money. He said that the uncertainty and excitement that comes from the poker game are the ones that he found thrilling very much. He also added that he was born to challenge the best player on the planet, and poker provides the best opportunity. The combination of the risks, improbability, and the competition was thrilling to Shane that he joined formally as a poker player.

The Shift to Poker

Shane’s move to poker remains debatable, although many pundits believe popular brands must have approached him even before he retired. Many could not have imagined that he would be a poker player after retirement. Shane turned a deaf ear to his fans after voicing their dislike about his move to the poker player. He was unmoved.

He Had Challenges on the Table

In the beginning, Shane has a lot of challenges in his newfound hobby. Many of the elite players did not give him an opportunity at the big table event. Despite lacking the big table opportunities, his hard work enabled him to represent top teams like WSOP and others as a poker player.

His earnings as a poker player were so low. His earnings were estimated to be 89,163 us dollars in his professional career. Despite the low incomes, he still plays poker. His main reason for the move could be valid whereby he said that his poker move was not all about money.

He Relied On Small Victories

The success he had in cricket cannot be compared to the success he had on the table. He was more successful in cricket than in the poker table. His first win at the poker table was 2561 us dollars in the Joe Hachem deep stack series. It might be the win that pushed Shane to pursue poker. He has been winning small victories on many occasions.

Shane also suffered a blow when his sponsors withdrew his contracts due to poor performances. Even though he never won big at the table, he followed his heart and had many fans.

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