Salem Moussallam, fashion stylist, gives sneak peek to 2021 trends

Although Fashion Month was a bit different this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, designers were still able to showcase their latest work through live streamed shows, YouTube videos and socially distanced in-person runways.  Despite the challenges, designers adapted to the moment and the world became privy to the latest couture and fashion collections.

If you have been staying put the past several months and are itching to swap your sweatpants and slippers for something a bit more fashionable, you’ll want to know what you’ll be wearing when the pandemic is over and dinner parties and social gatherings resume.

Salem Moussallam, Toronto fashion stylist, has over 10 years of experience working in the fashion industry.  Best known for his creativity and extreme attention to detail, Salem is here to tell us exactly what fashion trends to look out for in 2021.

Extra Large Button Downs:

Think, your dad’s favorite work shirt.  Yes, the Spring 2021 runway showed us that a shirt borrowed from the boys is in trend.  The inspiration comes from standard poplins reimagined in bright shades of pink and orange. 

“What we saw on the runway is that extra large button downs can be dressed up, or you can even throw on a cropped vest and make a dress look out of it,” says Salem Moussallam.

Utility Vests:

Speaking of vests, another trend to expect in 2021 is the utility vest. In knit pullover form, this fashion statement is making a comeback and it’s having an evolutionary moment.  Salem Moussallam: “In the colder months, you’ll want to wear a quilted, warmer version and then when the weather warms up, you’ll switch to lighter iterations.”

Colorful Coats:

Like Dolly Parton and her coat of many colours, expect big, bold prints on a brightly hued statement coat in Spring 2021. “If you love stripes and patchwork, then this trend is definitely going to rock both of those,” says  Moussallam.

Bubblegum Pink:

From your stilettos to your workout gear, bubblegum pink is making its entrance as a 2021 fashion statement.   Moussallam explains, “Pair this bold, distinguished colour with neutrals like beige and gray and you’ll really stand out.” 


Yes, you heard that correctly.  What was all the rage in the mid-90s is making a comeback in 2021, but in a new and improved way.  In lieu of your go-to denim looks, fashion trends indicate that you should mix it up with lighter shades of khaki. “The tan cotton fabric will make its debut in oversized, slouchy takes paired with feminine portrait tops and blazers.  It’s a good look,” Moussallam says.

Loose Jeans:

If you are sick of sporting skinny jeans, then 2021 will bring you the ultimate solution in the form of loose fitting jeans.  This is a great transition from your quarantine sweatpants.  Now, you’ll get the best of both worlds in oversized jeans that are as comfortable as they are trendy. 

If you want a styling tip, Salem Moussallam suggests pairing your jeans with a knit top and a blazer for a completed look.

Tiny ties:

Lace-up pieces are trending right now, but in 2021, the fashion world will particularly embrace tiny tie detailing.  “It’s a subtle detail that can come in so many forms, making it the perfect trend for anyone to incorporate into their wardrobe.”

In the accessory department, Salem Moussallam says you can expect long necklaces and tiny purses, which are perfect for rounding up your look. 

In a year that has proven dismal and drab for many people, adding a little bit of fashion back into our lives may prove to lift our spirits and showcase our creativity as we slowly begin to ease back out into the public.

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