Prepare your windows and doors for winter

With another winter approaching, surely everyone is planning to stay warm inside. But are your windows and doors ready to face the winter? Because mostly it is either windows or door problems that won’t let the house warm up properly. So, it’s time to figure it out. If you have any kind of drafts, leaks, and poor insulation, you will be having a tough time in winter. It’s better to replace them with the help of Toronto Replacement Window Companies

Here, we will be sharing a few ways to prepare your windows and doors for winter so keep on reading. 

1. Upgrade Your Single Pane Windows

Many of the houses still have single pane windows but I guess it is time to upgrade. The reason behind it is that the single pane windows offer little to no insulation against cold wind or cold temperatures. It’s all for the show. On the other hand, double and triple pane windows have Argon, Krypton or a mix of both gases between each pane that add a layer of insulation. This insulation layer protects your home from cold temperatures and your heating systems won’t have to work harder. This insulation layer keeps the warmth inside and doesn’t let it escape.  

When heat is getting out through single pane windows, your heating system has to work harder to reach the temperature you set for your home which will increase your gas bills. So, replacing your windows and glass doors through a windows and doors company would be a great idea. 

2. Are your windows drafty?

If God forbid your windows have a draft, there is no way your house can warm up as it is supposed to. The major problem is that heat is leaking through window drafts and cold air is entering the house. As mentioned above, this will make heating system work harder and the heating bills will break your bank. The permanent solution is to replace the window. Otherwise, temporary solutions will keep adding expenses. 

3. Do you hear wind noise?

Hear closely while sitting by the window, do you hear any wind noise? If your answer is yes, then it is a problem and it’s only going to get worse in winter. This happens when your windows aren’t properly insulated or due to the cracks around the window. Replacing them through a Toronto Replacement Window Companies will prevent the noise.

4. Is there any water leakage? 

Winter is not winter without snow and when the snow melts, you can have water leakage through windows and doors. If that happens, your windows and doors aren’t safe because water could cause damage to the frame, walls, and floor near the window. So, check windows properly and close them for the safe side and keep them locked for the rest of the season. If you want some sunlight then try opening only one or two windows. 

If you need window or door replacement, contact any windows and doors company in your area and have them replaced within a week. 

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