Pisces Weekly Horoscope 27th Dec 2020 – 2nd Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

A Full Moon in your romance sector is sure to bring an emotional turning point to your love life. If you’re completely single, then you might feel more sensitive about matters of the heart. Don’t allow loneliness to get the best of you, Pisces. Remind yourself that you are whole and beautiful and that your love will eventually flow to the person who is worthy of such a gift. If you’re dating someone, then you might be overwhelmed with deep feelings for this person, and you might even declare your love for each other.


Planetary movements may support graduating students, and they may have a quick grasp of things and memorize concepts effectively. Students doing post-graduation too may learn and memorize effectively thus making good progress.


Planetary movements indicate some major health issueß catching up with you. Beware and don’t ignore even the smallest issue, and treat it with due remedial measures. Be careful about your left eye. You may need to take due measures to keep your digestive system in order. Do some exercises regularly in the morning, or work out in the gym to be physically fit.


You may have to keep your cool and refrain from making any financial decisions with haste and impulse. During the middle of the week, you might get a chance to increase your income inflow. You might spend money on some religious rituals to boost your financial prospects. You may need to keep enough provision to meet unexpected expenses. You may remain in a comfortable position on the financial front.


This may be a good time for businessmen to organize things and adopt a methodical approach to move ahead on the road to progress unhindered. In the middle of the week, businessmen might strike a major profitable deal. This deal may open the door for striking more profitable deals. Businessmen may find ways to export their products. Salaried people may be happy on receiving a long overdue incentive. This may keep them motivated to keep performing more and give more output.

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