Pisces Weekly Horoscope 13th – 19th Dec 2020

Love and Relationships

Try to keep your cool in your personal atmosphere and stay away from unethical means. On the family front, some issues might cause you discomfort. It would help to stay attentive so such incidents do not occur. The temporary phase shall pass and you can turn the personal tussles to your favour by your positive attitude and calmness.


According to planetary movements, students might make due progress, which may lead to them learning things well, and performing well in exams. Students pursuing higher education may remain busy traveling for study purposes and may enjoy learning new skills and gathering knowledge.


On the health front, there may not be any major health issues. However, watch out for viral infections. It may be prudent to take precautionary measures. You might feel lazy due to the lack of sleep. You may need to take enough rest to maintain optimum fitness levels. Indulge in some physical activity regularly, or do some light exercises in the morning to remain fit.


During this phase, planetary movements indicate that some delays and difficulties might bother you. So, try to keep your cool and work harder to increase your inflow of funds. However, do not deviate from basic practices when it comes to pushing your financial prospects ahead. According to planetary movements, keep enough provision to meet unexpected expenses during this phase.


Planetary movements indicate that businessmen may face some delays and difficulties. Businessmen may need to exert more and contact potential customers to push sales. Businessmen might be worried about competition, which may push the former to reduce margins to increase sales. Salaried individuals may be motivated and may increase their productivity and improve their performance. Salaried individuals may make committed efforts, which may be appreciated by higher-ups.

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