Online Casino: The Best Casino Games And Casinos For Women

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Games have long ceased to be a male domain, and casino games are no exception, see here too. If you ask us, we’re actually the better players! But not so quickly … there are a few more things you need to know before you start working as a gold miner in online casino games.

It’s a long way from making your first deposit to winning big with slot machines or other casino games. But don’t worry; you will be there very soon!

What do women play at Online Casino?

If you think that women only play online bingo, you are very wrong. More than ever, women are getting to dominate different sectors of online casinos today. Now we are attempting to have a review of the most popular casino games among women.

Online roulette

There’s something about roulette that reminds us of the Wheel of Fortune. A while ago, both men and women enjoyed this television program. However, the audience rates determine that today it has become a program that more women watch than men. 

Maybe this has everything to do with the reality that one of the most common casino games among females is online roulette. All right, there are no terms in online roulette to guess letter by letter, but spinning chips on a 38-chip board are just as enjoyable, right?

Online Slots

One of the most played casino games globally is online slots, for both men and women. However, what really differentiates slots from other game modes is the great variety, both online and offline, that can be found (but mostly online).

There are camera slots, two-game slots, bingo slots, quiz slots… Infinite taste and color choices! And speaking of colors, indeed, there are also slot machines that are more committed to women than males.

This does not imply that the colors or the theme can be considered an impediment when playing any online slot machine, regardless of your gender. Children can play with pink toys and vice versa, though, slots. Depending on the situation, the visuals, the theme and even the melody are committed to a predominantly female or male set. 

Cash and Carry, the slot game that tops the list of most famous games we have spoken about earlier, maybe an illustration of this. Its theme is based on a good afternoon of shopping, and let’s face it… who doesn’t like that?

The dice

The next time you pass a craps table, take a look at who’s playing; most of the time, it’s women. Perhaps it is a game with a long tradition, especially in some European countries, and it is related to games such as Parcheesi or the goose, where dice are also used. In any case, craps is a popular game for everyone.

And of course, bingo

More than 80 percent of bingo players are women if we believe the numbers. Why? It’s a wonder, but bingo is one of the world’s oldest casino games, and the male sex appears to have lost confidence in this form of entertainment as time has passed. 

The lottery hype, though, bears a clear similarity, right? And no difference is made in any situation. Possibly the answer is simple, the fashion of the moment. 

Play for free in the online casino, and the fun will only end when the alarm goes off in the morning

There is no reason why you should start playing for real money at the online casino right away. Why not just play a little or gamble in the online casinos around you?

You can, of course, get a welcome bonus immediately after registering at an online casino. However, we advise you to play a few free rounds first. In this way, you will quickly get practice in playing Microgaming, Novoline and Co. You will also learn how to estimate your payout percentages better.

In Europe, there are then hundreds of online casinos where you can be successful. Some even offer an online casino bonus without a deposit. We love that, especially when you can use it to play our favorite games.

Do you want to know which ones they are? Here is a small excerpt from it:

  • Wild Water ™
  • An Evening with Holly Madison ™
  • Alice in Wonderland ™
  • Fairy Tale ™
  • Kawaii Kitty ™

Girls, you’ll have even more fun with these games than in the mall!

You have spoiled for choice: at which online casino provider you can win the most money?

Do you use some kind of lipstick, or are you wearing the pair of shoes that stood at the entrance to the shoe store? Definitely not! It should be the same when you shop for online casinos. Only the best online casinos are good enough for you!

The online casino test is always a great help when choosing a suitable casino. You should read the terms and conditions carefully before registering at an online casino to get a detailed impression. How high is the bonus, is there a download version, and is a live casino offered? Before you register, you should be able to answer any of these queries.

Use your feminine intuition to pile real money in the online casino games until it reaches the ceiling!

Whether in online roulette, online poker, slot online or at least in online blackjack – you women always find a way to win. You hit the jackpot all the time, even while you play the pedicure in the mobile online casino! You have to listen to your intuition, these are your online casino games tricks, and then nothing can stop you. Of course, it is always important to have the right software, because you cannot do anything without it.

So don’t think of strategies or calculate the payout ratio, but play casino games according to your feelings. In our experience, this also means waiting for slot machines in online casinos until the machines have overheated.

Slots usually provide instant winnings if you choose high enough stakes in online gambling, which is no secret in the world of casinos. Then you have to wait a bit, and the game pays out, regardless of whether you use free spins or real money.

The presence of women in the online gambling industry

In other facets of life, women strive to struggle for equality with men, and online gaming is no different. Throughout history, casinos seemed to be a territory dominated, purely and exclusively, by men. 

With the advent of online games and the possibility of enjoying an online casino, such as Betway, women’s roles became more prevalent. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for them to occupy a large percentage of the industry. 

The participation of women in casinos has also moved to the traditional sphere, but the online modality prevails. What is the reason for the appearance of women in the gaming industry?

Why do women choose online gambling?

In an environment dominated by men, it is difficult to break with the classic stereotypes. To find the place that it deserves, women opted to participate in online gambling houses. 

The security, comfort, and privacy offered by these online houses are the main reason why women choose to participate in this industry from there.

The private environment offered by online casinos, such as Betway, give women the necessary freedom to play calmly and without being denigrated.

However, this does not mean that there is no female presence in traditional casinos. However, most choose online mode to have fun and gamble.

At the moment, the most popular games among women, whether in virtual or traditional environments, are slot machines.

Little by little, women appear on the scene of all games, and there are even women who already have world titles as professional poker players. The presence of women in the online gaming industry begins to consolidate.

What about traditional casinos?

Until a few years ago, it was not common to see many women in traditional casinos.

As a result of the online modality, women were encouraged to place bets, which, although to a lesser extent, moved to the traditional sphere.

This coincides with women’s liberation and the struggle that all women carry to occupy the same place as men. However, it is not an easy task to occupy the same place since, to this day, macho thoughts continue to prevail that make many women feel oppressed and do not participate in activities dominated by men.

It is expected that this trend will change in the future, and both men and women can enjoy any form of entertainment without prejudice.

In a world dominated by men, women must make a place for themselves in every area of ​​life, including entertainment.

The privacy and comfort of online casinos and virtual gaming houses have made women feel free to play without prejudice or concerns. This brought it even closer to traditional casinos. Soon, it will take the place it deserves.

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