National Lottery Overview

Every person hopes to win the lottery one time or another. However, the best way to up your winning chances is to get all the information that you can on the types of lottery available.

General Information

The National Lottery is best described as a state-franchised national lottery in the UK. The lottery is solely operated by Camelot Group, who got the license first in 1994, 2001, and one more time in 2007. Initially, the lottery was regulated by the UK National Lottery Commission, but it was since abolished, and its responsibilities were transferred to the UK Gambling Commission.

All prizes from the lottery are paid as a lump sum, and they are tax-free. Of all the cash spent on National Lottery games, an estimated 53% is channelled to the prize fund and the remaining 25% to a “good cause.” 12% of the funds are channelled to the UK Government as lottery duty, another 4% of the funds are given to retailers as commission. It doesn’t end there, another 5% is given to operator Camelot, and 4% is dedicated to cover operating costs and a final 1% as profit. Only people of age 16 and older can buy lottery tickets and scratch cards.


Self-imposed limits on play

With the lottery, all punters can manage their play by restricting the number of Instant Win Games that they can purchase in any 24-hour time frame. In contrast with online lotto sites not on Gamstop, you can limit yourself in case of compulsive behaviour. You can do this by selecting the useful tab in the ‘Instant Win Games play to limit a part of your National Lottery account.

Instant Win Games

As with every National Lottery game, an Instant Win Game is a game of chance; there is no specific skill required for a punter to win. The result of each Instant Win Game is always predetermined at the point where you purchase or try your hands on an Instant Win Game.

The result is generated by a random number generator (RNG) software, which has already been checked and audited independently.

Lifetime exclusion

If you decide to opt for the lifetime exclusion, you will be unable to take part in any online National Lottery games ( and that includes with Pingit) again. Bear in mind that the lifetime exclusion will take effect immediately and is not a reversible change. Even if you change your mind, you still won’t be able to create a new online National Lottery account.

If you have any funds in your National Lottery account, such funds will be automatically transferred to the debit card that you have previously registered to your account. If you have any already existing tickets, they will also be entered into the relevant lottery draws, and you will be contacted if you win a prize

Top Lottery Games


Players in a game of lotto are at liberty to buy tickets with their desired six unique numbers between numbers 1 and 59. For people who have a hard time choosing numbers and would rather have someone choose for them, there is the option of automatic random number generation, known as ‘Lucky Dip.’


Another interesting lottery is the Thunderball jackpot draw. This lottery requires players to select five main numbers between 1 to 39 and an additional ‘Thunderball’ number between 1 to 14 for an entry fee of no more than £1 per line. You win your prizes in this lottery by matching the selected Thunderball number or no less than three main numbers alone. Here, the more of the selected numbers you can match, the bigger the prize you can win. 

The top prize, at present, is £500,000, and it is won by matching all five of your selected main numbers and also the Thunderball. The lowest prize you can win is £3 for matching only the Thunderball. Draws of the Thunderball take place four times weekly  – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Scratch cards

Apart from the tickets for the draw games, you can also get scratch cards sold by the National Lottery. Scratch cards are little pieces of card with a specific area covered by a tiny layer of opaque latex that you can scratch off. Under these sealed areas are concealed items/pictures that you must find in order to win. Scratch cards can be bought from most supermarkets and newsagents.

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