Leo Weekly Horoscope 13th – 19th Dec 2020

Love and Relationships

During this phase, singles may enjoy pleasures with their partners. Singles may succeed in developing an intimate relationship with a long-time friend of the opposite sex. Some of you may have issues with one with whom you are in a meaningful relationship. Do not try to settle this forcefully. Instead, try to postpone resolving the issue, and try carrying on as usual. Married couples may have a family-related issue. Try to handle the same with tact and due diligence, and aim and resolving issues amicably.


Students pursuing graduation may give enough time to their studies and may also remain focused. Despite this, they may not be able to get the desired results. They may need to exert more by giving more time to their books. Students might do well not to have fun and study instead. This week may be challenging and may require more effort, especially if you are preparing for any competitive exams.


Watch out, as some health issues may resurface during this phase. If you have had any respiratory issues, they may catch up with you. Try to stay away from places where air pollution is high. However, worry not, as no major health issue may trouble you. Follow the diet instructions of your physician to save yourself from complications. During the later part of the week, your energy level and stamina may increase.


On the financial front, things may not be so favorable. You might need to exert more, to increase your inflow of money. Planetary positions may not be too favorable for fresh investments. You may do well to refrain from taking any major financial decisions. There may be some unexpected family-related expenses. Keep enough provision for emergencies during this phase.


Businessmen might need to work hard to achieve their objective of pushing sales. This may not be the time for any ambitious action. Businessmen need to be patient. Refrain from taking any major decisions in haste. Businessmen might run their enterprise satisfactorily, in spite of hindrances. Salaried individuals may be stressed due to the presence of strict deadlines. Some constraints may hold them back from achieving their output. Progressive forces may not work effectively here.

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