iPhone XR: Is It Still Worth It In 2020?

Pros and Cons

When it first came out, the iPhone XR was a beast and was generally very well received. But how has it stood the test of time? And is it still worth it? Join us in taking a look at some quick-fire pros and cons of the iPhone XR as we revisit it in 2020.

The price. Thick bezels
A large, 6.1 inch displayDisplay screen is not as good as some of the more recent models
True tones & Tap to wake upLack of 3D touch
Dust-resistant and water-resistant up to 1 meter for thirty minutesOnly has a single camera
Multiple colors to choose from (red, black, white, blue,
yellow, coral)
A12 Bionic Chip. 8 cores mean fast performance
This also means you get an extended battery life
Face ID – harder for others to gain access to
Dual sim mode means it is easier to keep personal and business contacts seperate
Pros and Cons of iPhone XR

iPhone XR: Is It Still Worth It In 2020? 

Personally, we feel the iPhone XR is definitely still worth picking up in 2020, especially at this time of year where we are seeing all kinds of deals crop up in time for Christmas. If you have a newer model already, then you will likely not want to purchase the iPhone XR because it does lack several of the features of the most recent models, most noticeably of all will be the processor chip. This being said, if you are still rocking an older model, like any of the iPhone models that were released prior to the XR, you will not be disappointed with this phone. Not only is it still a fantastic handset, but they are very reasonably priced in comparison to some of the newer phones out there on the market. 

The best way to purchase an iPhone XR would be to look for one that is in a deal from a carrier. Once you have found a suitable deal from a carrier, you will want to make sure you buy one that is carrier-locked. This is because buying a carrier-unlocked phone is generally cheaper (you may even find that the phone will be carrier-locked anyway if it’s in a deal).

If a carrier-locked phone is not something you want, don’t worry. There are third-party services that will unlock it for you fast and for free. A decent one I have used personally is iPhoneIMEI. I mention this as some of them will have hidden charges and try and catch you out. 

Verdict: An iPhone XR is still worth a buy in 2020, especially if you can grab one in a deal. 

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