Huawei launches cloud-based content delivery network in India


(IANS) Tech giant Huawei on Monday launched its latest cloud-based content delivery network (CDN) solution in India to empower businesses to enhance the digital experience of their customers.

A CDN accelerates content delivery to edge nodes so that the websites load faster.

Huawei said the solution would help Indian businesses to improve user experience by enabling website acceleration, faster downloads and a smoother video-on-demand or live streaming experience.

The solution would be of use to organisations across industries such as media and Over The Top (OTT), banking and financial institutions, education, e-commerce, online travel and hospitality, healthcare, online gaming, digital marketing and government, the company said.

“Rapid digitilisation and the flourishing internet industry have fuelled the exponential growth of the CDN service industry,” said Steve Kim, President of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence Business Group, Huawei India.

“Our operations and resources in India are backed by robust local talent and are designed to meet any customer requirements most suitable for local needs. Through this launch, we aim to further bolster the ‘Digital India’ initiative.”

Huawei said it has the experience of deploying more than 2,500 acceleration nodes globally with more than 100 Terabits per second (Tbps) bandwidth spanning across a network of more than 74 telecom companies across 130 countries and serving more than one billion end-users.

This wide network of high-quality service nodes is equipped to break through the bottlenecks caused by low bandwidth, heavy user traffic access and uneven distribution of network nodes, the company said.

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