How to Throw the Best Henna Party Ever

Have you ever been to a henna party?

For the uninitiated, these aren’t just a fad. Henna parties have been around for thousands of years, traditionally thrown by Indian, Middle Eastern, and African brides before their weddings. 

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to start planning your first henna party. We’re going to share some inspiration with you for henna party decoration ideas, attire, henna party songs, and more. 

What Is Henna and Where Does It Come From?

Henna is the common name for the Lawsonia inermis plant.

Its leaves are dried and crushed into a fine powder and then mixed with water, oils, lemon juice, or other liquids to create a non-toxic reddish-brown dye. It binds to the keratin in our skin and creates a stain, although it has long been used as a hair dye as well. 

First prominent in ancient Egypt over 6000 years ago, henna is still common in Hindu and Muslim cultural rituals today. It is believed to ward off evil and bring good luck and blessings. 

Tips for Throwing a Great Henna Party

Henna isn’t only for formal ceremonies and traditional cultures. Henna is for everyone! Hosting a henna party provides a fun and unique experience for your guests. 

Who Should You Invite?

While there is no official number for a henna party guest list, we recommend starting off small. Not only does it make planning your first party easier and less stressful, but it also provides a more intimate experience.  

Pick a Theme and Gather Your Supplies

This is where the real fun begins. Incorporating a traditional middle-eastern or even a Bollywood theme is a great idea. Guests can dress in colorful, lavish attire complete with scarves and jewels. 

Decorate your party space with fairy lights, lanterns, fresh flowers, and lots of candles. Seek out some traditional touches such as finger cymbals to add some extra flair!

Oh, and let’s not forget the most important part — the henna. Hire a professional henna artist or take a DIY approach and provide a henna kit for each guest instead. 

Food, Drinks, and Entertainment

Your food and beverage selections should align with your theme. Foods like hummus and pita, samosas, tea, and Turkish coffee are ideal. You could even step it up a notch with a hookah bar. 

Load up a Bollywood music playlist ahead of time, or go all out with live music or other entertainment such as belly dancers. The options are endless, depending on your time and budget. 

Farewell Swag Bags Add an Extra Touch of Class

Leave your guests with a lasting impression by sending them home with a goodie bag.

Henna-themed gifts don’t have to be expensive. Try something like a small candle paired with a cookie or cupcake iced with henna designs

Are You Ready to (Henna) Party?

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, you’re ready to make your next celebratory event extra special by throwing a henna party.

It’s the perfect choice for a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, or for no reason at all. Don’t forget to have fun and get creative!

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