How to Spend a Weekend in St. Louis

The United States of America is full of fascinating cities, but even at that, St. Louis in Missouri is in a class all by itself with its matchless charm. This is an authentic American city with the flavor that every visitor, resident, or tourist will find irresistible. Locals often brag about how amazing their city is but they have very good reasons for this. If you ever find yourself in this enchanting city for a weekend, then remember this guide!

Weekend Itinerary

  • Friday: Getting to St. Louis:

    You can easily reach the city by air via the Lambert International Airport or the MidAmerica St. Louis Airport or any of the other regional airports. You can also take the railway network or connect via any of the buses or even taxis. 
  • Saturday: Touring St. Louis

    Your Saturday is going to be an eventful one as you take time to properly tour the city. The sections below will give you information on how to go about this. 
  • Sunday: More Exploration

    Wrap up your Sunday with even more exploration, fun, and adventure. The sections below serve as guides on the best ways for you to achieve these goals. 

Where to Stay in St. Louis

The city is not short of places you can stay but some truly stand out from the rest and these include: 

  • Union Station Hotel: The station was one of the busiest in the country at the beginning of the 20th century but it is now a hub for entertainment, shopping, and hospitality. Its hotel is specially designed to allow you to enjoy unparalleled comfort and enjoyment. Visit the place and have your breath taken away right from the lobby with its grandiose ceiling.
  • Hotel Saint Louis: For anyone looking for real pampering in this city, then this is the place for you. It is known for not just being a stunning piece of architecture but also a place for excellent dining and wining. It boasts of a pool, rooftop bar, spa, a restaurant at the ground level and the best thing about all these is that they are not far from iconic locations like the Busch Stadium and the Gateway Arch. 

Eating in St. Louis

Food lovers often give mouth-watering reviews of this city so you need to know the best culinary spots in this darling location of many. Check out the following: 

  • Cinder House: This is the major restaurant of the Four Seasons St. Louis and it is known for some of the most sumptuous dishes. Guests never forget the smoked beef garnished with tasty croquettes, prawns covered with garlic, mushrooms glistening with misty chorizo butter, and Catupiry cheese offered with Amarillo sauce and spiciest chilis. This is a real food wonderland – for everyone!
  • The Mud House: It is perfect for the classiest breakfasts and lunches for you and your loved ones. It is located at Benton Park and can be packed on weekends but you will still get your favorites. You can be sure to enjoy your burrito capped with vegetarian black bean chili or start your morning gloriously with goat cheese, eggs, beet chutney, or a confident mix of pork confit and the greens.
  • Bogart’s Smoke House: This is one of the most well-known locations and this is because of its unbeatable barbecue. This is where you can enjoy some of the best ribs or brisket in all of the United States. They make the most nutritious brunches using farm-fresh produce – you have to visit to understand. 

Where to Drink in St. Louis

Well, it is not all about eating alone, you also need to get the most refreshing drinks to accompany your meals. Here are the most appreciated drinking spots in the city: 

  • King of Beers: This truly takes the crown and it covers the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Schlafly, Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, and a host of others. These locations are the secrets to the creamiest brews anywhere in the state. 
    Broadway Street Oyster Bar: This is not good for drinking alone; it is a total entertainment and recreation hub. There is a dive bar alongside live music performances for you regularly. Sip a mug of chilled beer as you listen to the smoothest soul songs or American blues. 

Places to Visit

  • Gateway Arch: What is a visit to the city without visiting the 630-foot giant monument? It is not called the Gateway to the West for nothing, and you get to appreciate the finest of American creativity and architecture at the site. You also learn a lot about history while taking memorable photos. 
  • Kemper Art Museum: This is home to some of the loveliest fine art in the city, and you will be impressed by the permanent collection of the museum. The exhibitions are truly stellar, and you will not want to miss any of them for anything. 
  • Old Cathedral: This is not far from the Gateway Arch, and it is one of the oldest of its kind as the history dates back to the 18th century. It has gigantic mosaics, and its two chapels are tourist sites in their own right. You should tour this place for sure and soak in the freshness of St. Louis. 

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