How to Spend 2 Days in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo is the biggest city and commercial center of Sri Lanka. It is also a vibrant and ever-busy place with its alluring mix of monuments, colonial architecture, authentic cuisine, and urban life. Even though many of the tourists often dash to the stunning beaches and outstanding sights of nature, Colombo has a lot to offer. If you ever have two days to spare, this energetic city is the place for you without a doubt. 

Why 2 Days in the Sri Lankan Capital

The general belief is that you cannot be said to have visited a country if you do not step your feet in the capital city. Yes, there may be some other places but you have to visit the capital which is often the heart of the country. Another reason is that Colombo by nature is very compact so it is quite easy for you to explore with ease. 

Spending two days touring Colombo in a relaxed atmosphere is the most pleasant way for you to recover from stressful jet lags, acclimatize to the weather, relax and decompress properly before making the move to travel all over the country. Another good reason for spending a couple of days in this magical city is that it offers a real introduction to this spectacular nation. Colombo is modern in spirit but it also has a traditional side to it, alongside a peculiar mix of cultures. You will also be astounded by the warmth of the people. 

Where You Can Stay in Colombo

There are many amazing and interesting places to stay in Colombo but here are some of the most outstanding venues for you: 

Movenpick Hotel Colombo

For those who feel like getting good value for the finest room in all of Colombo, then Movenpick Hotel is your most excellent alternative. It has the highest rooftop bar with gorgeous views of this fascinating city alongside a breathtaking infinity pool that offers you the most brilliant views of the Indian Ocean. It also boasts of countless restaurants, world-class spas, and first-class designs in all the rooms. This is one sure place where you are going to enjoy pure luxury accommodation in the heart of Sri Lanka. 

Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel

For anyone lucky enough to spend two days in Colombo, here is a home away from home for you. It is at this hotel that you can enjoy the most cost-effective luxury. The rooms are the definition of comfort and you are going to have a wide selection to pick from when it comes to the tasty breakfast and dinner buffet for the guests. 

The hotel has a massive swimming pool which you are going to find very relaxing after having a long tour of the city. You can also check out the pristine Beira Lake while soaking up the beautiful skyline of timeless Colombo. 

Things You Can Enjoy in 2 Days in Colombo

Explore Pettah Market 

Pettah is one of the most well-known and oldest areas of Colombo. It is full of colorful and open-air markets and when you are there, you cannot miss the aromatic Oriental smells that pervade the air. Pettah Market is the first place you should storm upon arriving in Colombo and you are not going to regret it. Anyone who wants to experience the essence of Asia should visit this market. You are going to be greeted at the entrance by the Khan Clock Tower, one of the best-known landmarks of Colombo.

Visit the Red Mosque

This major site of attraction is also known as the Jami Ul-Alfar and it is famed as being one of the oldest mosques in the city. It is also a famous place for tourists who want to get a true feel of what the city is like. It was constructed in the early 20th century and visitors always marvel at its jaw-dropping architecture and the bold color blends. 

Tour the Independence Memorial Hall

Here is an exotic monument that was built to mark the independence of the country from British imperialists on the 4th of February, 1948. It is located in the enchanting Cinnamon Gardens area. It is an intoxicating mix of nature, museums, art, and architecture. It is also ideal for those who love photos with the most unbelievable sceneries and backgrounds. 

Get on the Open-Top Double-Decker Bus

This is the most interesting way for you to get to know Colombo is to join any of the sightseeing groups on any of the old open-top double-decker buses. There are many tour services that you can select from and join the other excited tourists as the drivers whisk you past the most iconic attractions in the city.

These include the imposing Replica of the Aukara Buddha Statue, Colombo Town Hall, Nelum Pokuna Theatre, Old Parliament Building, and the Dewatagaha Mosque.  You must not forget to take memorable photos as you enjoy your ride.  

Go Round the Gangaramaya Temple

Here is one of the most ancient and remarkable Buddhist temples in all of Colombo. It is a holy place and it is perched just next to the peaceful waters of the Beira Lake. It is a collection of architectural wonders and you can learn a lot about Buddhism here. 

You will also have your sense of hearing stimulated by the gifted traditional musicians with their local Kandyan costumes. This place will remind you of the spiritual nature of this ancient nation. 

Beira Lake

This brilliant feature traces back its history to the time of the Portuguese when it was constructed to offer protection from the local invading rulers. It is now a place where lovers and tourists alike enjoy tranquil strolls when in the capital city. 

Royal Colombo Golf Club

Golf remains an exotic game in Sri Lanka and here is one of the oldest golf clubs on earth. It is a place of history as much as the royal game itself. You can also enjoy some truly delicious meals and chilled drinks like nowhere else in all of this part of Asia. 

If you have enough time on your itinerary, other places you can check out include the Fort Railway Station, National Museum, Old Colombo Dutch Hospital, Viharamahadevi Park, Lotus Flower, Galle Face Green, and any of the several restaurants in this majestic city. 

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