How to reengage with your favorite sports this winter

Sport is one of the many constants in people’s lives, and something that has been sorely missed by millions over the course of this dramatic and unprecedented year. But, as lockdown restrictions ease, and professional sports return to our screens, now is the time to pick up your passion for sport once again, donning your favorite jersey and supporting your favorite stars and clubs. Here are some quick tips to help you get back into the sport you love this winter.

Stream sports

Dozens of websites and subscription services offer sports streaming direct to your devices – be that a smart TV, a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet. If you’ve been missing the action on the sports field all year, then you can surely justify the cost of one of these subscription services – priced at a similar level to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Possessing a sports streaming subscription means you can host your friends at your home for an evening of sporting action – or you can take the game on the move, streaming on your mobile, when you’re exploring your local area or taking a trip across the country.

Placing bets

While gambling is an activity that should only ever be undertaken responsibly, it’s certainly a way to add some fun to a big upcoming contest. By placing a small bet on the individual or team that you support, you up the stakes on their performance, and feel personally invested in whatever sport they’re competing in. Check out UFC Betting, for instance, to enhance the drama inside the cage, making each contest a little more adrenaline-fueled. Gamble responsibly, and within your means, in order to add that extra ingredient of anticipation to your sporting passion. 

Fantasy leagues

Many of the world’s most popular sports enable you to create your very own fantasy team – made up of your favorite players across the league – to compete with friends, family, and strangers online. Each week you’ll be able to curate your team, make transfers, and change your formation in order to maximize your points haul, and gain the bragging rights over those with whom you’re competing. Look into fantasy leagues for all the sports you love, and invite friends to participate with you, to enjoy this exciting online experience that tests your knowledge of your favorite leagues to the limit.


With many sports fans consigned to their homes this winter – and plenty of players unable to compete for the time being due to cancellations and restrictions – the only way for millions to play their favorite sport is on a games console. From FIFA to boxing and UFC games, dozens of sports-specific console games are released during the winter months in time for Christmas, which means that a deluge of potential fun is headed your way if you choose to purchase one of these new releases. Play with friends online, or invite sports fans over for a competition, and channel your inner sports star from the comfort of your couch. 

Sport is a huge part of life – and with these tips, you’ll fall back in love with the competitions you’ve missed for most in 2020. 

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