How To Plan a Luxury Break in Orlando on a Budget


Luxury vacations often have a perception of expense and exclusivity. However, while they might cost a bit more than the average trip away, you don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy this type of getaway. Vacations are the perfect time to treat yourself and the family to an experience you wouldn’t normally do in daily life, and the ideal place to do this is in Orlando, Florida. 

Orlando is brimming with things to do and see, and of course, it has the infamous resorts and attractions to visit. So if you’re looking for some luxury travel inspiration ideas but don’t want to blow the budget, check out these tips to help you experience a luxury trip. 

Choosing the destination

Tropical island destinations have always appealed as a luxury trip; however, many come with a price tag to match. When choosing a destination, look for the areas that offer a range of accommodation possibilities but that don’t scrimp on the details. If you’re vacationing with family and friends, consider options such as Solterra resort for the ultimate in luxury and themed homes. Plus, you can split the costs with your party to keep it affordable. 

Vacation during the off-season

It’s no surprise that when the holiday season comes around, the prices for many things go up. If you’re looking to experience a luxury getaway and want to save more on your stay, then avoid these times. Visit during the off-season and take advantage of quieter times and lower prices. 

Check out promotions 

A great way to save money is to look for special promotions and offers that could bring the overall costs down. These will have exclusions and may only include specific timeframes for travel. Still, if you can be flexible, then you could bag a bargain deal. Sign up for emails on offer sites to be alerted of the best deals straight away. 

Become a loyal traveler

If there’s a particular place you love to visit every year, some resorts have loyalty programs you can sign up for special offers. In Orlando, many accommodation options have this type of scheme, including flash deals, points collection programs, and special member deals. In some loyalty offers, you may even receive free upgrades and exclusive discounts by signing up. 

Do research 

The Internet has made the world your oyster, and it’s quick and easy to search for the best deals online. Some resorts are not on comparison sites and offer the best prices direct. However, comparing offers and costs is always a great idea. You may also get price match guarantees in some spots, so if you find the accommodation cheaper elsewhere, the resort will match it.  

Get advice 

Ask friends and family for advice on destinations or check out reviews and recommendations online for the best chances of bagging a luxury deal at a great price. Some travel bloggers also offer key tips on scooping those unique offers while you’re traveling too. 

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