How to look for information about a person on the web


There is information about everything and everyone on the Internet – you just have to find it. This is usually done with standard search engines, but often only special services provide optimal results. 

In the Kremlin, detectives usually only need a few minutes to find out the suspect’s place of residence, profession, and bank balance. In real life, this task does not happen so quickly and easily. In countries such as the USA, it is sometimes possible to find out a lot about a person with just a few clicks. However, services that provide information on criminal offenses, bank debts, or residence are usually subject to charges.

User search engines

But even without spending money, a lot of information about people and companies can be obtained. The prerequisite for this is that this information has somehow got into the Internet, either by the persons themselves or by other means. Even with a standard search engine like Google, you can get to a lot of data with a few tricks. 

It is sufficient to search for the first and last name. The search engine takes both terms into account, so the result will show pages in which the first name or the surname appears. If you are not satisfied with the results you can use a special people search engine: Special aggregators have the advantage that all information is displayed in a bundled form.

Try a picture search engine

Methods for face recognition on photos are now well advanced, but far from perfect. For a human being, it is an easy exercise to identify persons even on blurred photos. The computer usually fails the recognition already if the face is not in the profile. But picture search engines are worth a trail when you have a picture of a person and want to find out more about that person. 

Check social media websites

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, just to name a few, are a hobby detectives playground. Like on the search engine you must type in the first and last name of the person you a looking for on the social media websites search function. Sometimes it can be helpful to search for that specific social media profile by using Google. For example, you will need to enter the following search query into the Google search bar: “First Name, Lastname, Facebook”. This method often brings better results than looking directly on the social media website. 

Who hides behind a telephone number?

You see on the display of your phone that a call has come in from a number you do not know. Or you want to know who is hiding behind the phone number for a classified ad. In this case, the reverse search, starting from the phone number, helps. A corresponding offer is available, for example, at the service The website is specialized in the reverse search of US-based numbers. On the portal, you can consult for free the open database of US phone numbers. Just type in the telephone number in the search box situated in the upper right corner and click search. The free version gives you the name, address, zip, and city for a specific US-based phone number (if the number is in the database). If you click on the full report you will get a photo, criminal records, marriages and divorces, court documents, email address, social profiles, and more. The full report option comes with a cost of around $4, but the information provided is of great quality. is worth a try if you want to find out more about who is behind a certain US phone number.  

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