How to Go Camping with your Newborn


Outdoor activities and camping trips do not have to be restricted to your kids who are older than a couple of years. You can savor your ideal camping spot with your newborn. A little extra planning and packing go a long way to help you have a pleasant outing with your family and to teach your child your true love of the outdoors.

A model camping trip may be an excellent idea for both you and your child. This can help you evaluate how your baby will react to sleeping someplace new and will help guarantee that you have taken all the baby supplies and kids trainers you will need. Set up camp somewhere closer to home or even in your own backyard. This is the best time to invest in a decent backpack diaper bag and get it fitted with all the necessary supplies that you will need to keep close during the camp.

When camping with your child, never undervalue the power of being prepared. It is incredible to see how much stuff is necessary for the smallest person in your house, but being ready can make or break your trip. When packing, start with the number of clothes you think you will need and add one more day. Extra clothes will do no harm. Bring clothes that are easy to change your baby in and out of and easy to layer. Also, bring extra wipes and diapers. Bring more wipes than you believe is necessary.

Hats and sunscreen are essential for daytime use. Keep in mind that babies under ten months should not wear insect repellent, but you can wrap a large piece of mosquito netting over their stroller.

Camping is an excellent place to use your compact play yard. With some known toys, the play yard can keep your baby engaged while setting up and taking down your tent, cleaning, cooking, and provides a comfortable, intimate place for their all-important sleep time. Backpack baby carriers are the best to use for hiking and walking. When it comes to mealtime, if you are breastfeeding, you are all set. However, you are bottle-feeding, you may want to use sterile bottle liners and pre-mixed liquids. It is also a good idea to buy a simple child locator device. They come in many cute styles, such as a soft toy that can be securely attached to your kid’s clothing or shoe and can literally be a lifesaver if a sad emergency arises.

When packing the bedding, ensure you carry some of your baby’s own blankets that they usually sleep with and comfort them. If you’re camping during colder weather, bring a sleep sack and sleeper pajamas for your baby to bundle up in. Your child can sleep right in their portable crib or you can roll up some blankets or towels to use as bumpers and lay your baby next to your camping sleeping bag.

When camping with your baby, the most important thing to remember is to keep your little one comfortable, safe, and entertained. It may take a bit more effort and a lot more equipment to bring your child camping, but the memories and smiles will make it all well worth it.

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