How to efficiently survive and lead yourself in 2021?

Once upon a time, when a sense of “community” and “family” were our life principles, we lived in relative harmony and peace. A central intelligence guided us within each of us that was unspoken yet carried a healthy spiritual level. We lived by a “truth,” and people reacted in kind by asking, “How can I help?”

This ethical compass of ours has been severely neglected and has almost been superseded by the “dinosaur corporations.”

Humanity has acquired a moral debt.

Climate change, pollution, discrimination, domination, reckless disregard for our planet, and a mutating pandemic have all led us to this very hazardous crossroads in history. Our ministries are in shambles, some of our most giant corporations are buckling under the stress, and people are confused by it all.

Our job is to displace all these unjust, broken, dysfunctional systems with new orders of integrity. Rioting is not the answer. The Law of Evolution is such that when communities or behaviors become mal-adaptive, it either becomes extinct or takes a new direction.

A Fact:

When people are in the alliance irrespective of ideological differences, we have power. When we are not, we are powerless.

There is a saying, “The test of the morality of a society is what it does for our kids.”

Our work must be to stop looking at the possibility of what will happen and rather look to a new world’s opportunity. The vision of a new world. A vision that is not dependent on the competition for survival, but an idea instead of new technologies, new direction, new skills, and new consideration of the planet. A generous vision based on harmony and co-operation.

Another Fact:

It has been repeatedly stated that “Knowledge is Power.” Interestingly, the internet gives knowledge, power to everyone, and it bypasses the traditional media. It may even be the ultimate downfall of traditional media as we know it today.

There is a future out there that is unimaginable now, yet it is right there in front of us. A future that says, “What if there is a better way of existing on this planet? One of living in harmony and co-operation?”

If sufficient people gather their awareness around this belief, then the state of affairs will certainly drift in that direction. It will blow people’s minds, for it will generate a planet that we can’t picture at this moment!

So, go out there. Be a fierce force! Help create a different direction for this planet. Innovate new policies to disrupt those that are no longer working. YOU are that important!

Things to do in 2021:

  1. Wake up in the morning without an alarm. If you can do that, consider yourself ready to change the world. 
  2. The world is at crosswords with lots of potentially dangerous ‘fake’ news confusing everyone around us. The benefits and the side-effects of the COVID vaccine, the U.S. election fraud (if any), and the New World Order- there are people and platforms with malicious intent trying to destroy the world harmony. But you can save it. In 2021, get into the habit of reading the right sources. Google, check authenticity, and then shortlist platforms that pique your interest. Read them regularly and spread the ‘truth’. 
  3. We know 2020 has been challenging because we haven’t met so many of our colleagues in person! But, in 2021, how about donning a mask, taking necessary precautions, and stepping out to see a buddy or two in your circle? Meet them in person to brainstorm random ideas
  4. Volunteering your time is a great way to feel content and to help others at the same time. Whether it’s a nursing home or an animal shelter, many places could benefit from a helping hand. Plus, you get to see the ground reality as well. Once you see and understand how bad ‘pandemic’ has been for the animals and nursing home patients, you can possibly develop a plan to change the course of 2021. 

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