How to Apply Highlighter to Get the Glow you Want

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Gone are the days of dry and cakey makeup. Today, glowing radiance reigns the world of makeup. And a highlighter, undeniably, is a magical makeup gem that can give you a glow worth a million bucks in just a few seconds. Whether you are a beginner or a pro at makeup, mastering the art of using a highlighter stick is a must. Achieve a radiant face makeup look by using a highlighter perfectly and rock the glowing beauty trend. 

If you’re all about the shimmer and shine, here’s how to apply a highlighter to get radiantly luminous skin.

Prep your Skin

The trick is to keep it simple and make your skin look healthy and glowy. Start by washing your face and neck, and then apply a light, non-sticky moisturizer. The next thing is to apply a base foundation for even texture. 

If you want a subtle glowing look, you can mix the highlighter and foundation together. Blend it using your fingers for a seamless finish, and get ready to glow. 

Apply Highlighter Stick to Strategic Areas

Using a makeup highlighter stick to the correct spots is the secret behind achieving the perfect radiance. Use it on places where the sun would hit naturally, such as:

Under the Brow Bone: To get the illusion of wider eyes, add highlighters just under your brow bone and right above the crease of your eyelid.

Cheeks: If you’re going for supple-glowing skin, add a tiny speck of highlighter over the blush near the middle of your cheek (the apple of your cheek).

Innere Corner of your Eyes: The oldest trick in the book for looking fresh while you’re working on three hours of sleep? Brighten up an otherwise dark area by adding a pinch of highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes.

Cheekbone: Apply highlighter diagonally from just below the center of your eye socket up towards your hairline for definition in your cheekbones, and then blend it in thoroughly.

Cupid’s Bow: Applying a highlighter to your cupid’s bow using a concealer brush gives your lipstick a very clean and appealing look.

Centre of Eyelid: Simultaneously, just a touch of highlighter in the middle of your eyelid will make your eyes appear wider and more bright.

Chin: Your chin is another key place to add some highlighter. It might seem needless, but it’ll pay off by helping you achieve a more defined, contoured appearance.

Use a Highlighter Stick for Precision

For a fast touch-up on the go, a highlighter stick is a great instrument. Not only is it extremely lightweight, but the twist tube makes the application a breeze. With the highlighter stick, mark the facial areas you want to feature, then blend the mixture with either a conventional makeup blender, a soft brush, or even your fingertips into your face. For ‘strobing,’ which is basically an intense version of highlighting, a highlighter stick is ideal.

Choose the Right Highlighter Stick

The makeup brand you choose plays a huge role in your overall look as premum products deliver better results Now that you know all the steps to achieve a radiant, glowing look, make sure you explore options from brands that offer top quality effortless blending makeup products. Reliable brands like SERY Cosmetics bring you a range of exciting makeup products, including highlighter sticks enriched with the goodness of red raspberry and offers a velvety touch. Create a glowy look with a highlighter stick that ensures weightless application, excellent blending, and silky touch to your skin. 

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