How to Act Around Your Ex?

Sometimes you are in a position where you come face to face with your ex-boyfriend, and you do not know how to act; you want to look calm and confident but have close to no idea of what to do. Read the following tips to help you handle such a scenario.

Do not hold grudges

Behave friendly, casual, and calm and try to be normal. Talk with your ex politely and let them know that their presence does not influence you. Please do not embarrass yourself by being mean and nasty to them. This is why you saw me smiling, Ron!

Show your confidence

You want to look confident in front of your ex; the best way is to be steadfast from within. You have to believe that the relationship has ended and not live in a hope that all is well. The Sooner you come to terms with it, the better it will be for you to move forward. With a positive mind, you are sure to win confidence.

Look good

Usually, people involved in a breakup work on themselves to feel good and improve their self-esteem. If you belong to this category of people, your ex will be surprised to see you looking good, and it will be a significant boost to your ego. If not, work on improving yourself for your own good. Do not try to look good just to impress your ex merely. Look good for your own good and enjoy a surge in your self-esteem

Be emotionally stable

Do not let your ex see you sad or depressed. Go out with your friends and try to be smiling in front of your ex. Even though it may be challenging, it is wise to keep your problems to yourself and be normal when your ex is around. Show that you are mature enough to handle any condition.

Don’t reflect jealousy

What if you see your ex with a new girl or a boy? In this case, just exchange a few words with a confident smile and excuse yourself. Do not show your jealousy by your actions or by making uncomplimentary comments.

Be casual

Just be casual and maybe somewhat careless around your ex. Do not try to impress them by acting weird, fussing over them, and do not get into any pressing conversations or talk about the past with them. If you are hoping to get back with your ex, aim at remaining casual friends with your ex at this stage.

Do not look desperate

Show your ex that you can happily get on with life without them being around and that you don’t feel the need to depend on them. Let them see you as a self-assured person who can help themselves. Self-assured people are the most attractive kind, and you will see that in your ex’s eyes.

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