How Marshall Sandman’s Passions Have Lead Him to Entrepreneurial Success

Marshall Sandman
Marshall Sandman

Marshall Sandman has already accomplished great things in his career, but nothing has been more fulfilling for him than being able to connect with consumers and fans on social media. Being able to tell stories that connect with people through his Instagram Live show has been a passion of his as of late, and he’s worked tirelessly to make the show a success. 

The show, What to Do with Marshall, has been a tremendous success. Not only has he been able to connect with notable celebrities and influencers through the show, he’s been able to give back to his local community in a big way. With the support of brands like Talenti Gelato, the show has provided around $50,000 in funding for an NYC based non-profit. The non-profit gives at risk youth a stable place to go after school, and provides free meals and resources to kids who have been kept out of school due to the pandemic. 

Outside of helping local at risk youth, Marshall is incredibly passionate about finding and getting ahead of social media trends. He studies the customer discovery journey intently, and hones in on customer decisions as they choose to subscribe to different streaming services and take in content from platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. He believes that social media will be the most important aspect of advertising in the next few years. In fact, he decided to launch his show on IG Live for this very reason. 

Marshall has conducted a number of value packed, memorable interviews on his show, but he says that his best was with Bea Dixon. Bea is the founder of a women’s health brand called Honey Pot. While the interview started off choppy, she and Marshall wound up having a candid and thoughtful conversation about her products and the various stigmas women face with other women, men, and even their own doctors. Marshall proved to himself during this interview that he could conduct a value driven interview about nearly anything, and it gave him tremendous confidence moving forward. 

To anyone getting started, Marshall has simple advice. He advises anyone just getting started with their entrepreneurial journey to just keep going. There are no real shortcuts to long term success, and there are plenty of competitors putting in real work. By having a strong work ethic and being relentlessly optimistic, there will be a clear path to success in whatever field you’re working in. 

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