How Fitness Trainer Garrett Bair Exploded Onto The Fitness Scene

Garrett Bair

Finding success in the personal training industry is challenging. It requires incredible work ethic, a charismatic personality, and a very high level of physical fitness. Garrett Bair has been able to find success in the space because he embodies all of these things, and he’s made it his mission to live anything but an ordinary life. He currently spends time as a model, social media influencer and personal trainer, and travels the country doing photoshoots with various photographers while training clients individually. 

With all of the success Garrett is currently experiencing, there was a time where he felt lost. While attending college, Garrett felt homesick and out of place, and relied on vices like alcohol to cope. Rather than let the issue get out of hand, he instead looked to a much healthier habit for a release, and that was working out. Garrett quickly fell in love with the gym, and began to work relentlessly to get into peak physical shape. 

While he pursued physical excellence, he began to seriously consider making a career out of fitness. Garrett realized how passionate he was about it, and decided to fully commit to a career in the space after he graduated college. While his career started out with a typical personal training role at a local gym, he spent hours building a brand on social media and keeping himself in peak physical shape. 

His persistence quickly added up, as he was able to amass over 200,000 followers on Instagram and began making important connections in the industry. In fact, Garrett says that the connections he made is what allowed him to find success in such a competitive industry. Once he established a name for himself, his incredible content and magnetic personality has allowed him to become very successful as both an influencer and an entrepreneur. 

To anyone looking to pursue a career in fitness, Garrett has a simple piece of advice: Commit everything you have to it. There have been moments where he’s passed up on a fun night out with his friends or a great meal in order to stay on track with his goals, and the rewards have been well worth it. Staying persistent and dedicated to your goals is ultimately what will allow you to find long term success, and Garrett is a living testament to that idea. 

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