How Can Businesses Celebrate Christmas With Their Employees Remotely?

The year 2020 really did shake a lot of people and with the situation of things, there’s a high probability that people would be missing out on a lot of the usual enjoyable social events and activities due to the pandemic, and this could be quite dispiriting looking at the fact that the holiday season is fast approaching.

However, there’s no need for one to be cheerless and gloomy about this because this impending Christmas festivity can still be well enjoyed with activities that give room for social distancing. Thankfully, modern technology has been unrelentingly playing a great role in making this easy for all.

The need for us to be responsible for tackling the spread of the coronavirus is non-negotiable and very pertinent and this is why everyone must scrupulously observe and adhere to social distancing. Although this is a necessity to curb the spread of the virus, we still can’t deny the fact that businesses have been negatively affected by this.

Employees are now resorting to working from home during the outbreak and while the world is still battling to find a lasting cure to this deadly virus, it’s pretty interesting to know that businesses can still enjoy the opportunity of celebrating Christmas with their employees remotely by obliging to any of these engaging activities as recommended by Cezanne HR.

As a business owner hoping to engage your employees without overruling social distancing, a device with a webcam and video calling software is all you need to stay connected with your employees and enjoy the continuity of all those important social interactions. 

1. Pub Quiz: It’s effortless to do, and it gained wide popularity among many as one of the most popular social activities during the outbreak of the COVID-19. Pub quiz can be hosted among colleagues and the dates and events plan for this can be communicated on Facebook or Twitter page for all to be aware. You may as well choose to find a virtual host who will be asking questions during this activity.

 If you desire to make the quiz more engaging and foster a broad spectrum of interests, you can ask each participant to write a round of questions —  a  great idea to inject more fun into it as well.

2. Team Dinner: It’s so much pleasing when you can talk over a decent meal and sit down at the same time with your employees. Bonding over good food is a very good idea, especially in a time like this. Do well to check any dietary requirements beforehand if you’ll be going for pizza which is usually regular. You can make the treat more special if your employees receive their takeaway deliveries at the same time.

3. Escape Room: When lockdown protocols were announced in different countries, escape room providers utilized this opportunity to be one of the first to adapt their services. This activity is a great way to have fun with people coming together to solve a problem trying to beat the clock to escape with clues. For the last few years, it has remained to be a popular team-building exercise.

For you to organise this, the first thing you need to be conscious of is to book well in advance and reserve a date and time as you choose a provider. And, as you plan to work together to find the clue that leads to escape, the rules and procedures of the game will be communicated to you by the host.

4. Murder mystery: With no acting skills necessary, you can enjoy a fun social of solving a mystery by indulging in an online murder mystery night. Murder mystery gives you a handy chance to enjoy all those Netflix crime dramas and it’s highly recommended that you get costumes and props if you want to enjoy this better. All you have to do is to download the information packs for each character, choose sci-fi, period drama, or any other theme that interests your theme, and the vendors of this activity offer a bonus of no time restrictions.

To kick-start the whole fun activity, assign your employees with their respective character but before you commence fully, ensure they glance through their lines, they don’t even have to memorise them. Everything should flow well all through the evening you schedule for the murder mystery game because the scripts are written to fit with a virtual setting.

5. Cooking classes: There’s a class for everyone from getting experimental with exotic flavours and ingredients to baking a simple victoria sponge. Regardless of your skill level, there are online classes all over the internet you can oblige to. You can include your employees in a moment of fun and something more adventurous with a cooking class, and those who live off takeaways and ready meals will be very delighted about this.

However, if you’ll be subscribing to this idea, it’s important that you ascertain the skill levels of your employees. They definitely won’t enjoy anything too simple if they’re all a keen cook and in a likewise manner, you won’t want to stuff them with something completely out of their depth if they’re not really much of a cook. Nevertheless, get them prepared before the class commences by offering them plenty of notice and lists of ingredients. And once everyone is set, everyone will enjoy the fun of “carving” something delicious according to the laid down steps of the teaching chef.

Other ideas businesses can employ to celebrate Christmas with their employees without violating social distancing include;

  • Karaoke parties
  • Beer pong
  • Wine tasting
  • Online zoo experiences

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