Hookup Culture and What It Means for the Future of Millennial Love

Millennials, also called Generation Y, have defined numerous cultural norms and started their own. Some of these are hard to understand for the previous generations, especially their parents. The hookup culture is one of the emerging trends among millennials. As a result of this trend, they engage in sex casually with people they meet in clubs, events or classes at university, and now through the increasingly popular online dating.

But according to psychologists and social scientists, this culture affects millennials in many ways. Some of the effects are immediate, while many others affect them later in life. If you are a millennial and interested in knowing what hookup culture means for the future of millennials, the insights below are for you.

What Is Hookup Culture and How Deep Is It?

As mentioned, hookup culture is all about having a casual romantic affair, usually a one-night stand with people met at social events like parties.

But today, the extent of this culture has grown deeper through the availability of hookup websites and apps that are all over the web. In this case, all you need is to register with the website or app and start browsing other people who are interested in hookups. You can then later meet at an agreed upon place. For those who would like such a convenient arrangement, visit Happymatches website and register to peruse hookups.

Immediate Effects of Hookup Culture

According to statistics, many millennials have engaged in a hookup while at university. Surprisingly, younger adults in the millennial category continue to enjoy hookups through the help of online apps and websites. Some of the immediate effects of the culture include the following.

·   Guilt – According to many psychologists who have spoken with thousands of millennials who engage in hookups, guilt is a common effect they feel the following day. And if things did not go as planned, stress can follow.

·   Sexual risk – Well, there are numerous risks associated with casual sex especially when you are too intoxicated to protect yourself. Hookups increase the chances of contracting STIs. However, there are more risks such as being used by malicious online predators who pose online as genuine people.

Long-Term Effects of Hookup Culture

The hookup culture that is increasing among millennials is seen as having a negative impact on the sexual life of some millennials. In the long run, many young people are failing to start serious relationships leading to families since they are used to casual hookups.

According to experts, these people are not ready to take on responsibilities in any relationship. In fact, they want to meet and have fun with many people in the name of adventure.

It is also clear that hookup culture can be addictive especially when using reliable websites and apps that hardly disappoint. If you are engaging in hookups to the detriment of your daily life, there is a high probability that you are already addicted.

Final Word

As you can see, the hookup culture is affecting millennials in many ways. The decision on whether to engage in it too lies with individuals. Now that you have the insights, it is up to you to decide.

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