Here are some simple yet effective security habits to teach your children


The safety of your home is paramount, not only to protect your family but your belongings when you’re away. So how safe is your home? Everyone in the house, children included, play a key role in maintaining its security. Here are some simple yet effective security tips to teach your children.

Show them how to lock the door

As soon as your child can reach the locks on your doors, you should teach them how to use them properly. It’s not only the doors that need to be locked but their windows too. Explaining the importance of locking them can help encourage them to do it when needed.

Your children shouldn’t answer the door without an adult

It’s up to you as a parent whether you want to let your children answer the door or not, although if you do, they should always be accompanied by an adult. If they do answer the door themselves, ensure that it is behind a locked screen door and tell them they are not to open it unless a parent has said to. You could always get a peephole installed for added security, this way the children don’t directly have to speak to the person at the door if they don’t know them.

Don’t give out details over the phone

If you let your children answer your landline phone or mobile, you should be putting some rules in place. They must not give out any details about your family or themselves such as their name, age, address or who is home at the time.

Educate your children on the dangers lurking online

The reality is most kids use some form of technology these days and you’ve probably heard of the dangers that the internet can bring. You should stress the importance of online security to your children. For example, if you are going away and your children share this online and their social accounts aren’t set to private, this can leave your home vulnerable to break-ins, especially if they’ve disclosed their address online before. Not everyone they associate with on social media has their best interests at heart. Explain to your children that they should never give out information about themselves or their whereabouts to people they don’t know, no matter how friendly they seem.

Teach them how to use the home alarm system

Having an alarm system in place is one of the most effective ways to scare off burglars to keep your home safe. Tell your children how it works and talk them through the steps of turning it on and off. Make sure the passcode you choose isn’t too complicated for the kids. Get the kids to take turns turning the alarm on in the morning and off when you get back home, remind them each morning and before you know it, they’ll just do it out of habit.

Get them to look after their stuff

Leaving their toys, bikes, scooters etc on the front lawn is going to attract thieves to your house. Teach them the benefits of looking after their stuff and why it’s so important that they pack up after themselves. Make sure that their toys, bikes etc have a place they can be stored securely. It not only prevents them from being stolen but makes your home safer by not having tripping hazards scattered at the front of the house. It’s good for children to have a level of responsibility for their valuables and it is something that they will take with them through to adulthood.

Set a good example

If you have a relaxed attitude about the security around your home, the chances that your children will follow suit is high. If you’ve decided you need to up your security, it’s not too late to install good security habits in your children. Being consistent every day and including the children in keeping the house safe by making sure the doors, windows and your alarm are on will set them up with lifelong security habits.

Teach the children how to call 000

In the event of an emergency, it’s important that your children, if old enough, have an understanding of what steps they should take to help. Your children should know how to get into your phone, dial 000 and press call. They also should know your phone number and address, even better teach your children basic first aid so they can administer it if need be until help arrives. They could potentially save a life one day.

Check the windows and doors before you go to bed

It’s a good idea to lock up the house once it gets dark. You can get the kids to check the doors and windows when they go to bed and then you recheck them before you head to bed.

Do a quarterly security check with the kids

Every 3-4 months do a walk around the home to ensure that all your security measures are in optimal working condition. Make sure your sensor lights are working if you have them, alarm, check batteries in systems and check the overall condition of windows, doors, locks, and security frames.

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