Grow Your Accounting Business with Ageras

US-Team, Ageras

As an accounting business, you know how important your role is to help individuals and small businesses navigate the challenges of finances. According to an IBISWorld article “the accounting services industry has grown steadily over the five years to 2020, buoyed by economic growth, rising equity markets, and an increasing number of new businesses.” But if so many new experts are setting up their companies, how can you grow your business? Lucky for you, Ageras exists!

What Ageras Does

Ageras was founded in 2012 with the goal to provide business owners and accountants easy, efficient, and quick connections. By signing up, individuals are able to share their information—who they are, what their business does, what their goals are—to receive three quotes from different accounting professionals who meet their needs. Like a finance “matchmaker”, they find the perfect match for you.

When it comes to helping other businesses, Ageras reviews their requests and matches them with partners within their network who will best fit their needs. Those partners receive a marketing solution that is hands-off, user-friendly, and convenient. According to this team, “our partners benefit from spending more time running their firm and less time worrying about marketing.”

As an accounting business, you are probably wondering why it would be a good option to partner up with Ageras. The most important answer comes from their satisfied partners who really enjoy the connection with their account manager, who is dedicated to the success of each and every one of their partnered accountants.

Becoming an Ageras Partner

Ageras main goal for their partners is to help them grow their business by giving them more exposure. Since their foundation, they have been able to help over 5,000 accounting firms achieve success through their services. How is this possible? Accounting businesses will receive customized and qualified client opportunities.

This service allows clients to choose referral criteria, get opportunities, send quotes, and win new customers with an easy, hands-off way to grow their accounting business. The great quality Ageras brings is your potential clients are previously screened by them through a phone call, so you will only receive qualified leads.

The advantages from this partnership will boost your visibility through new marketing opportunities and diversify your portfolio by selecting the clients you want to work with based on service, location, and any requirements you deem necessary. Once you begin using their services, your business will be able to predict when and what kind of clients they will connect with.

Kelli Lewis, owner of Kelli Works Accounting Firm, has been working with Ageras and finds herself extremely satisfied. One of her favorite things is the fact that they are able to specifically customize the services they provide, allowing the account manager to pair them with clients who will benefit from the work they do. Lewis’s relationship with Ageras is like “a big uncle of mine who sends me all his clients.”

A Quality Partnership

If you are looking to grow your accounting business and find success like Kelli Lewis and other 5,000 accounting firms, you should partner up with Ageras. Their success comes from your success, so you know they will do the best to connect you with the perfect client. By signing up to work with them, you will find a quality partnership that will boost your business and expand your outreach.

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