Gratitude and Inner Peace: A Study

  • Does gratitude carry vibes? 
  • Does the language of appreciation lead to tangible gains in your life and the life of others around you? 

Advantages of Gratitude

Senior advocates of self-development have suggested that having an attitude of gratitude can be a vital component in developing a state known as ‘inner peace.’ This term is based on the belief that the thoughts and feelings that you have to affect your state of mind. It is propagated that the things that you believe in can attract a similar thought process. For instance, if you think that you will have a bad day, and you feel terrible as well, it could cause you to begin to have a lousy day based on your state of mind.

So the idea of assertive thoughts with relatable good feelings might be the key to having a joyous day and feeling good during that day because you find inner peace via-thought-process. Indeed, there is a psychological principle called “cause and effect”, which means that the things you cause in your life will affect your life later in your life. Based on this idea, it means that every decision you make will affect the events in your life because it affects your mind at large.

Consciously Experiencing the Gratitude Mindset

To have a mindset based on gratitude can be something that may take lots of effort to develop. But the outcomes that you could enjoy could make it worth the effort that you put in. It could mean that you would need to regularly focus your mind and thoughts on looking at the things in life that you are truely grateful for, even when life seems to be giving you a hard time. Yes, I know this could take a great deal of willpower, but it could be helpful to start with minimal achievable goals. This could be better than beginning with large un-achievable goals. A small gratitude goal could be all that you should aim for to get moving, and this can lead to you achieving life as we know it.

Goal Setting in Gratitude

Your gratitude goals could be as innocent as taking a few minutes each day to be thankful for your five senses, taking time to appreciate how valuable each sense is to you-the touch, the taste, the vision, the voice and the smell. You could see the gifts that you have and the possibilities around you. Perhaps these ideas of gratitude could start you thinking in more powerful ways. So in doing this, your gratitude goals may, in fact, start to transform your life, a small step at a time. 

Gratitude is a blessing everyone has inside; all you need to do is explore your inner self and find it. It will serve you ‘inner peace.’

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