Google announces tie up with Samsung for smart home devices


(IANS) Google on Tuesday announced that Assistant and Nest devices will now interoperate more easily with Samsung smart devices in your homes.

The users will be able access and control Nest devices, like Nest cameras, thermostats and doorbells with the SmartThings app — and even through Samsung smart home devices, like smart TVs and refrigerators.

Previously, you could only do things like set the temperature remotely or view your camera feeds from your Nest devices from the Google Home app.

“Now you have more ways and more places to control your smart home from,” the company said in a statement.

Google said it is working to bring one of its favourite features of Android 11 to Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphones.

When you tap on “Devices” in the Quick Panel of the phone, you can choose an option among multiple apps and see all connected devices within the app on one screen.

More Samsung smart home appliances and devices will also soon come with voice support from Google, the company said.

Google recently announced that Google Assistant is available on Samsung’s latest lineup of Smart TVs.

“Samsung now offers simple linking with your Google Assistant right from multiple Samsung apps, including SmartThings to streamline the process”.

Google announced it has also expanded the Google Assistant control of Samsung devices across six new languages (Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese).

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