Gemini Weekly Horoscope 13th – 19th Dec 2020

Love and Relationships

During this phase, a single person might bump into an old friend. This meeting might lead to both parties revealing tender feelings. This may be a good time to have a lasting relationship. The couple might continue to meet and have a pleasant time together. Planetary movements may put married people at unease, due to some family issues. You may need to bear with this uneasy situation for now.


Students pursuing higher education may do well to remain focused while studying, amidst disturbance. Students might learn things fast and memorize concepts effectively, thus making satisfactory progress. Students doing research may do well on certain topics, and get encouraging results.


Planetary positions indicate that there may not be any health issue to trouble you. However, you might face some blood pressure irregularities. It may do you good to do some physical activity regularly in the morning. You might opt to go to the gym or perform some exercises in order to remain fit and healthy.


Planetary movements indicate that you may be able to increase your income inflow easily, without working too hard to achieve your objectives. However, you may do well not to deviate from ethical practices to make money. Due to the inflow of funds, you may spend money on buying luxuries and pleasure-giving activities. However, do not waste money on useless things and look for ways to save money for your future needs.


The week ahead indicates challenging times for businessmen. Even their best efforts may not bear fruit. Businessmen may do well to keep their patience and be accommodative about the requirement of high net worth customers. Salaried individuals might find it tough to perform effectively, and may not be able to achieve their targeted output. This might cause them stress.

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