EAM Jaishankar launches economic diplomacy website

With India expanding business domestically and globally as well, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar launched a dedicated economic diplomacy website

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Wednesday launched a dedicated economic diplomacy website, saying it aims to provide critical and relevant information on major economic indicators, central and state government policy updates as well as the latest business news and trade data.

The website www.indbiz.gov.in will act as a two-way funnel connecting Indian nationals’ businesses and states globally for enhancing exports, exploring employment opportunities.

The website also includes information on global mineral resource endowments, opportunities for agricultural exports, and employment abroad for Indian nationals and businesses, he said at the virtual launch event.

It has been launched to showcase India’s economic, sectoral and state-wise trends that make for an attractive economic partnership, he said.

“The economic and policy profiles of our states and Union territories along with the plethora of economic engagements and opportunities that they offer have been highlighted in extensive detail,” Jaishankar said.

The website will connect interested investors to relevant government agencies such as APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) for agricultural exports from India, Indian trade portal for trade with India, and Invest India for inward investment respectively, he said.

“As additional secretary, Harish reminded us, in line with our Prime Minister Narendra Modi”s vision of doubling our farmers” income by 2022, the website highlights the opportunities for our agricultural exports abroad,” he said.

“Through a specific focus on the government of India”s ease of doing business initiatives, policy reforms and incentives aimed at attracting foreign investment, the website positions a multi-dimensional and dynamic brand India to the global business community,” Jaishankar added.

He further noted that the website aims to connect businesses seeking to conduct trade and investment overseas with Indian missions and posts and alert them to the relevant guidelines.

“Indian missions and posts abroad can also access periodically updated business-related information on India aimed at important stakeholders in the overseas Indian community as well as potential foreign investors,” Jaishankar said.

The MEA has been working in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Tourism and other ministries to promote what was called the three Ts – trade, tourism and technology -into India.

Source: India News Network

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