DIY image makeover tips – how to refresh your style

In 2020, people have spent enough time in their homes amid COVID lockdown. Many young ladies have spent time staring at the mirror and google searching for ways to look beautiful. Numerous advertisements are flooding in presenting the possibility of ‘extreme image makeovers.’ 

What is an image makeover? Why do a few people want an ‘extreme image makeover’? Is that what you want?

Image Makeovers can be severe and include hair implants, plastic surgery, dental work, and liposuction. It is a hit and a miss and incredibly expensive; however, a select few who got it right believe that it has helped them raise self-esteem. 

It may seem unfair, but there is a widely held belief even today that how you look reflects who you are – your intelligence, social status, etc. Whether we want to accept it or not, we are indeed judged within the first thirty seconds of meeting someone.

However, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and aim for plastic surgeries, liposuction, and hair implants. 

You have control over the image you want to portray. For those who don’t need or want excessive work done but would like a more polished appearance and want to highlight their assets, simple steps can be taken to create a more pleasant look.

When creating a professional look, the elements to analyze are makeup, hair, body type, style and wardrobe building, attitude, and communication skills.

Makeup: If you don’t really wear makeup any real now and you are otherwise well-groomed, you will not look complete. If you are unsure about how to use makeup, hit free youtube views- it will be well worth the effort and time. Keep it minimal, and you will see a maximum change in your appearance.

Hair: Keep your haircut up-to-date. Hair has a significant impact on your overall look, and an out-dated style will make you seem out-dated as well. If you are working in the business or corporate world, this could ruin any chance of advancement and promotion. If your hairstyle is from the last decade, it may communicate that your practices and ideas are too. If you need a decent and updated look, find a hairstylist (maybe on Youtube or Instagram) who knows the most advanced hair fashions.

Body Type: We were not all born with similar body shapes, so the style we wear will influence the way we look. Have you ever seen an attire on one of your colleagues that looked magnificent, but when someone else wore that same dress, it lost its allure? That has to do with the present body shape of the two people. Both women could be the same weight and height but have a totally different shape. This has a significant impact on how the outfit looks.

Style: When we dress to suit our fashion personality or style, we feel more relaxed. Sometimes girls don’t want to “dress up” because they feel like they are trying to be someone else. When you dress to fit your lovely personal style, you can be “dressed up” and feel like the apparel belongs to you.

Building a Wardrobe: Have you carried home clothes that you really liked and when you looked in your wardrobe, you realized that you didn’t have anything to go with them? What do you do at that moment? Go back to the store and pick something to match. That’s not always the wrong thing if you have dollars to spend. If, however, you don’t, you should plan on making smart purchases. Doing wise shopping means knowing how to create a wardrobe.

Attitude: A person can look as fresh as possible but will fail badly if they have a poor attitude. A study has shown that the number one reason people lose their businesses is because of their failure to get along with others, in short – a bad attitude. A great attitude is a key element that brings everyone together.

Communication Skills: Good communication skills indeed involves more than what you want to say. We communicate using tone of voice, body language, and healthy listening skills. Good communication skills will improve your company’s profits, increase your income, make you more worthy and promotable, and enhance your job satisfaction. Self-evaluate and if you feel your communication skills are lacking, enroll in communication skill classes around you. 


Image makeover is not about hair implants, plastic surgery, dental work, and liposuction. Those are expensive and can go wrong. Image makeover is about your attitude, communication skills, and your choices. Don’t look down on yourself if you don’t have fluffy lips or short hair. Everything is pretty, just find the best balance for yourself.

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