Cure your Aerophobia with Emotional Support Animal


Flying is undoubtedly the fastest way of getting around, and especially over long distances. However, aerophobia is considered a challenge to some travelers. According to research, it has no specific cause. It can be inspired by a number of factors such as; genetics, fear of heights, or even past experiences.

Should you be having aerophobia, there is hope; the solution starts with understanding it is a psychological issue. Emotional support is among the best solutions to this kind of phobia. Now, for a moment, think about how to cure your aerophobia with an emotional support animal. There are several things you need to know about these animals.

What they are

Under the United States’ laws, emotional support animals or commonly abbreviated as EMS, are not described as pets. That means any animal that can offer you relief from aerophobia qualifies to be one. It is also imperative noting that they differ from service animals. Since they mainly focus on giving emotional support, these animals are not needed to undergo specialized training.

What you need to qualify

Emotional support animals are not your average pets. Getting your hands on one means that you must be certified that you either have a mental or emotional instability. You will be given the certification by mental health experts or professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, among others.

How do you get one?

Once you qualify, and get your emotional support animal letter, it is imperative knowing that there is some paperwork involved. However, unlike your usual pets, the paperwork is fewer. For instance, you will need to register the animal just once and that’s it. No microchips and NSW registration. Although, should the inevitable happen, such as death of the animal, relevant authorities must be informed.

How many can be under your care

Having an emotional support letter is great, it is even better knowing that you can fight your aerophobia with the help of more than one animal. Three things matter the most;
•    You understand your challenge
•    They get the job done
•    You can care for them


Just like any other phobia out there, aerophobia can be an ordeal. Having an emotional support letter will help you secure the companionship of your preferred emotional support animal. The above-listed points are all you need to know when seeking to own one.

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