Celebrity Brand Image Maker Simon Tizon Does An Interview With BizTV

When we are kids we have big dreams. Some dreams are to be amazing actors, some want to be professional athletes and others want to be out right famous. Most of us who pursue these dreams rarely achieve them because of limited resources and not knowing where to start. It’s people like Simon Tizon who are closing the gap between dreaming and achieving the dream.

Simon Tizon,  is an entrepreneur and founder of CrushNMedia.  He is giving the blueprint for any one who is motivated and determined to achieve their dreams by helping talent and brands get featured in the media to position themselves as a notable figure.

In his interview, he revealed how he helps well-known celebrities and brands shape themselves notably. Simon is the vehicle to drive brands and talent into a much larger spotlight creating a larger presence in their market. Recently, he’s been verified on Facebook.

Simon Tizon, through his motivational post, he is encouraging his followers to carve a niche for themselves in the highly-competitive world of business and entertainment.

Tizon’s success story is no less than a fairy tale. He had had his share of struggle and bad luck in the past. His parents were officially separated when he was just 11. He had a terrible time battling out the worst form of homelessness. For several days, Tizon slept in his car with the temperature dipping below -20°C.

However, it was Simon Tizon’s unmatched hard work that aided him to become a well-known name within the sphere of entrepreneurship. He is a self-made celebrity entrepreneur, and his humble past always guides him in the right direction when it comes to serving his clients.

Today, Simon Tizon has built a virtual team spearheading SEO, social media, and PR campaigns for his clients to augment their ROI-generating profits while gaining recognition. The 29-year-old always pays utmost attention to whatever responsibilities are entrusted to him by his clients.

A verified Facebook account is certainly a recognition of fame and success.  He instills bouts of confidence into the minds of his followers, who are a diverse aspiring group of people . They look up to him for their daily dose of inspiration with his social media post.

Tizon was recently adjudged as the “Top Entrepreneur to Watch in 2020” by Yahoo! Money. Also, he’s been featured in Forbes. Accomplishing such an amount of success in no time is surreal. But, Simon Tizon knows there are no shortcuts to success and no substitute for hard work either!

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