Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 27th Dec 2020 – 2nd Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

During this phase, couples may have an enjoyable time together. Unmarried people might have to keep their cool, and be accommodative about the views of their loved ones, to maintain peace and harmony in the romantic relationship. You may do things to make your family feel happy and contented, and may preserve peace and harmony in the family. You may have an issue with the one with whom you are emotionally attached. You may have to take care of the sensibilities of the concerned person and try to resolve the issue amicably.


According to planetary movements, students pursuing graduation may be busy with social activities. They may not be able to spend enough time with their studies. Their learning process might slow down. Students pursuing higher education may be attentive about studies. They may learn things quickly and may memorize well enough.


Some viral infections might catch up with you. You may need to take due precautionary measures to save yourself. You may need to be careful about your right eye. Take due care of your digestive system too. Keep exercising regularly for physical fitness. Middle-aged individuals and above need to take care of nagging health issues.


According to planetary movements, you may be able to increase the inflow of income substantially. According to the influence of Saturn over the 12th house linked with expenses and loss, you may need to keep enough provision for unexpected expenses. You might need to increase provision for the family. On the whole, your financial position may be comfortable.


Businessmen may plan to increase sales. Short term travel by businessmen to do so may yield good results. Businessmen may have to keep their cool, to make good use of supportive planetary movement. Short term travel plans may be required to keep your business running well. Salaried people may be inclined to change their jobs to prospects where growth may be more and pay may be better. According to planetary movements, salaried individuals might start looking for a suitable employment opportunity.

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