Blaze in Spanish squatted deserted building kills at least two

Blaze in Spanish squatted abandoned building kills at least two

A blaze in a squatted abandoned manufacturing building in Badalona, a Barcelona neighborhood, left at least two people dead, the local firefighters said on Thursday, adding that they were still working to stop the blaze started overnight.

“At this moment, 26 units of firefighters are running on the blaze in Badalona, constantly evaluating the risk of collapse of the building. The fire’s intensity is lower, but it is not yet under control,” the firefighters said.

Local media, including La Vanguardia newspaper, said that many emigrants often slept in the abandoned warehouse.

It was not immediately clear how many people were in the warehouse when the fire started. La Vanguardia quoted Keita, a 36-year-old Moises, and Senegalese, a Moroccan man, saying that more than 150 people were napping in the building. El Pais said there might have been 60 people.

The two dead bodies were found early on Thursday, the firefighters said.

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