Bitdefender Free Antivirus Review


Bitdefender is one of the best antiviruses available on the market and year after year it has outperformed other big players like Norton and Kaspersky. It has consistently scored top ratings in multiple antivirus tests. Of course, you want to protect your device against malware and keep it clean if it happens to be infected. This free antivirus is capable of doing just that. With this security software, you get the most innovative technologies that predict, prevent, detect, and fix the latest cyber-threats, anywhere in the world. Let’s learn more about it.

Top Features of The Free Version

It uses a minimalistic approach to protect your Windows system against all cyber-threats. You can try a free antivirus download directly from the company’s website, a trusted source. It has been engineered in such a way that it puts minimal impact on system resources while running in the background.

Phishing Detection

This security software uses a ‘web shield’ to protect against phishing as well as block access to malware and other dangerous websites. Impressively, the web shield safeguards all network activities and can even detect dangerous links in a document.

Real-Time Threat Detection

It uses behavioral detection to closely monitor your active apps. Once it detects anything suspicious, it takes instant action.

Virus Scanning and Malware Removal

Its powerful scan engines ensure that real-time detection and removal of all types of malware takes place instantly by protecting the system from worms, viruses, trojans, zero-day exploits, rootkits, spyware, and ransomware.

Free Home Scanner

Bitdefender also offers a free IoT scanner that you can use to test out the entirety of your home network. It acts as a Wi-Fi scanner for your home network protecting you from vulnerable devices offering detailed security recommendations. You can easily prevent hackers and intruders from taking advantage of security holes to log into your home network and stealing private information.


You can even prevent your android devices from any form of viruses or malware using Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android. It will automatically look for any malware and remove it before it infects your phone. It is certified to detect more than 99% of viruses for Android devices.

Instead of storing and downloading virus signatures directly on your Android devices, it uses its in-cloud services to check online for the latest outbreaks and safeguards against them. As a result its super-fast scans have close to zero impact on battery and device performance.

Premium Features you can get by upgrading to a paid product

  • Webcam Filter: To prevent hackers and other prying eyes from hacking and spying through your webcam, this software makes use of a webcam filter to protect your camera from being taken over. You can choose which software can access your webcam and can also block access to other software.
  • SafePay:The SafePay browser lets you visit your favorite banking and shopping websites safeguarding you against keyloggers and hackers. It blocks unwanted browser extensions from spreading malware and affecting the device’s performance.
  • Password Manager:It allows you to store all your passwords in a single place. You can save your credit card details, important passwords, and pins in its password vault without any worries.
  • Safe Files:When you put any files in this folder, it becomes inaccessible by any other software without your permission. These files can be deleted with File Shredder.
  • VPN: A VPN is included in all the paid antivirus version and it can be upgraded to a premium service. The non-premium service provides a daily bandwidth limit of 200MB. This VPN will not give you the option to change your location, but you can browse anonymously.

The Bottom Line

Bitdefender is an award-winning antivirus software that provides real-time threat protection against all types of malware infections that can harm your system. While the free version only scans the system and removes infected files, the premium versions are packed with an enormous range of features.

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