Best MBA Programs 2021

MBAs confer a very high level of respect to holders in the business and finance world, enough to motivate anyone to try as much as possible to get the degree. Apart from the regard it commands, MBA opens doors of opportunity for individuals to access the business record of the most prominent organizations worldwide and most significantly, learn the strategies that come with risk-taking. It would be even more of a plus if you studied in one of the best university colleges around the world. The opportunities include auditing the business records of top companies, giving strategies on how to improve their business, and getting to sit at the same table with prominent individuals around the world. It also comes with other perks including learning new languages and cultures and meeting new people, leading to potential business relationships. The reason for these benefits is because you have been certified as one with proven efficiency in theoretical and practical training in the business and finance industry. Therefore, you are regarded as a professional.

Due to the benefits of being an MBA holder, millions of applicants are received yearly by top schools around the world, and only a few are selected for the admission process. Each year, the process gets more challenging, and thousands of applicants in each school are screened out because of their inability to write a convincing proposal. You can hire a writing service to help you with a compelling and sound proposal that will give you an edge. Below are the best MBA programs to look out for in 2021:

HEC Paris

HEC Paris is currently ranked number one in Europe and has achieved 100 percent overtime in the European rankings for ROI due to its practical teachings for thoughtful business leadership and rate of employment of its products. Presently, graduates of this school are enjoying a robust 150% salary increase post-MBA, with students averaging a sum of US$120,000. The program runs for a duration of 15-months, and its main focuses are leadership seminars, a student-run MBA multisport tournament, and Global Leaders Series, which features influential speakers around the world.

  • Tuition fees: US$76,434
  • Percentage of female students: 34 
  • Percentage of international students: 95

London Business School

Presently the most prestigious British MBA program in Europe, London Business School has always ranked top because of the employment opportunities open to its graduates and the level of exposure of undergraduates who are still undergoing training. London is one of the world’s major financial capitals that hosts over half of the top 500 global companies that operate their business in the city. Their graduates earn average salaries of US$106,000 and get job offers within three months after graduation. This comes along with 92% of their MBA graduates getting numerous opportunities. 

  • Tuition fees: US$104,493
  • Percentage of female students: 31
  • Percentage of international students: 92 


In terms of employment and opportunities, the INSEAD MBA program is among the best in Europe, with more than 90% of students accepting job offers within three months after graduation. It is currently ranked second-highest and sixth around the world. It is a 10-month program, and the school has campuses in countries like Singapore, Fontainebleau, and Abu Dhabi. To be a certified graduate, students are required to complete 14 core courses and select from 75 elective options available.

  • Tuition fees:US$98,009
  • Female Students Percentage:35%
  • International Students Percentage: 96%

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School has always been a frontrunner in the MBA program, and its reputation is indisputable when it comes to credibility. The school is known for rigorous research conducted by its MBA students, which is basically about reading and solving 500 cases per student and also as a group during the 24-month duration. The school has been applauded through its HBS faculties that have solved more than 85% of business school cases worldwide.

  • Tuition fees: US$146,880
  • Female students’ percentage: 41%
  • International students’ percentage: 37%

IE Business School

Situated in Madrid, IE Business School has also earned accreditations for its diversity in Europe, and the program is the duration of an 11-month international MBA program. It is currently ranked in the European top 10 for Entrepreneurship & Alumni outcomes. The school also runs a Professional Fitness program where MBA students are enrolled to keep fit and enjoy a healthy and fit lifestyle. This means that admission into this school has two benefits: Career Fitness and Behavioral Fitness. Career fitness focuses on how you can land your dream job through workshops and advice, while Behavioral Fitness is concentrated on being productive on behaviors that improve your leadership skills.

  • Tuition fees: US$79,634
  • Percentage of female students: 32
  • Percentage of international students: 91

Saïd Business School

This school is the business School of Oxford University, and it is the first English-speaking University. It runs a one-year MBA program, and it has a comprehensive three term university structure divided into core sets and elective modules centered on three themes. These three themes center on Global Rules of the game, Entrepreneurship, and Responsible Business. More than 90% of its graduates get job offers three months after graduation, and 10% are believed to have founded their own business.

  • Tuition fees: US$80,430
  • Percentage of female students: 44
  • Percentage of international students: 95

Judge Business School

Judge Business school is an extension of the University of Cambridge, and the duration for its MBA program is one-year equivalent. The school has been credited for its sound teachings in thoughtful leadership and employability indicators. Apart from that, 90% of its graduates get job offers after three months of graduation with an average salary of US$99,753. Students are also enlightened on how to tailor an MBA program to their business choice, and that comes with undergoing training on elective courses, concentrations, and global consulting projects. Their MBA program’s concentration includes Finance and Marketing, Energy & Environment, and Digital Transformation.

  • Tuition fees: US$70,087
  • Percentage of female students: 36
  • Nationalities represented: 51

An MBA is crucial if you want to have a promising business career and attractive salary. As 2021 approaches, the universities mentioned above offer a conducive learning environment where you get to learn a lot and explore the world.

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