Baby Boomers: Best Games to Stay Sharp


You may find baby boomers and older people, in general, becoming a lot more forgetful with age. While constant forgetfulness might be a sign of Alzheimer’s, a bit of forgetfulness is a normal part of becoming older. Although it cannot be avoided, there are some things we can do to make the brain aging process slower.  

Sustaining good nutrition and social interactions are great ways of keeping our brains healthy and active, but we need to challenge the brain every day to ensure it works as best as it can. A trend that seems to be catching on when it comes to brain health is the use of brain games. 

Studies have shown that mentally challenging brain games help to promote brain health and good mental stimuli among seniors. Brain games can also trigger their visualization senses and memory functions. 

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of three games baby boomers can play to help their brains stay sharp. 

1. Trivia Games

Trivia games are fun to play and can be very informative. They also invigorate the memory functions of our brains and force them to remember information on various things such as general knowledge and popular culture. 

Boom Again is a good trivia game made specifically for boomers. The game has over 2,000 questions engineered from fashion, television, music, movies, politics, and ad slogans from the 50s, 60s, and 70s trivia games. 

2. Card Games

The intriguing nature of card games gives them the capacity to stretch your brainpower. There’s the option of playing individual card games such as solitaire on a computer or playing together with friends or family.  

A study done by the Frontiers in Psychology found that card games played with friends deliver a two-fold effect. There’s the gift of social interaction that stimulates brain cells and secondly, the cognitive skills are triggered by actually playing card games.   

With social distancing measures in place especially for the elderly who are the most vulnerable demographic, there are a lot of online card games such as CardMania that boomers can play without being in the same room with other players. 

3. Word Games

So many of us have experienced the inability to retrieve words; we know them and it’s on the tips of our tongues but we just can’t seem to say them. 

Playing word games such as crosswords, word searches or Scrabble can give your cognitive capacity a real boost. Such games will compel you to work on your speech, linguistics, and word retrieval capacity of the brain; activities that become more difficult with age.   

You can find crosswords published in daily newspapers that you can play to challenge your brain. Words with Friends is a highly popular app available on the Apple and Google app stores with various word puzzle games such as Scrabble. 

No Work and No Play Makes Jack…

While baby boomers have well earned their right to relax and spend an entire day watching TV as they tend to do, too much screen time is not good for their brains. The brain is responsible for regulating almost all of our body functions. As such, making sure it stays active is as important as maintaining physical fitness the more we advance in age. 

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