Aries Weekly Horoscope 6th – 12th Dec 2020


Love and Relationships

During this phase, singles may find themselves overwhelmed by supportive gestures from a member of the opposite sex. This might be a good time to propose to someone you like. The couple might meet frequently and have a pleasant time. Planetary movements indicate that married ones might succeed in shaping a relationship with their life partner and enjoy the pleasures of physical intimacy. On the family front, you may have a pleasant time.


Students pursuing graduation might get support from their mentors to learn new things, and might be successful in their exams. Hence, students pursuing graduation might make encouraging progress. Students pursuing post-graduation may look for suitable employment opportunities to earn money satisfactorily. Students who wish to go abroad for post-graduation might get delayed for some valid reason.


During this phase, planetary influences might add strength to your immune system. Even if you fall sick you may recover fast, and enjoy generally good health. Middle-aged people and above need to be very careful about their blood pressure. The later part of the week might be better in terms of energy level and stamina.


Planetary movements indicate that there might be a marginal increase in the inflow of money during this week. Your financial status might remain stable and you might not have to bear any major expense. While your personal habitual expenses might increase, you may remain comfortable on the financial front. As the week progresses, you may be happy with the inflow of money.


Businessmen may need to keep exerting over new challenges. They might do well to be patient. Businessmen may be worried by a dip in sales due to stiff competition. There may be some new challenges that may come up during this week. Salaried people might be determined to give more output in order to get better placements. They might be entrusted to work on an outstation project. Job holders might succeed in getting the attention of their superiors when it comes to a committed approach.

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