Are you a builder or an invader?

Builder: A builder is a person or a company who oversees and works on the repair, construction, and renovation of homes and other structures. They may also handle complete projects. Builders must follow strict safety regulations, including wearing and using protective equipment and guaranteeing the construction site is safe.

Invader: An invader is a person managing an army who enters a territory for plunder or conquest.

Why does your company exist? No matter what kind of business you are leading, whether you are an administrator in a huge enterprise or an entrepreneur, you have an idea of what your business is about.

How you think about that question will determine what your company looks like a couple of years from now.

In other words, you either assume your business is here to become better at what it does today or to achieve something different tomorrow. Your business’s nature is either to preserve its current function or to develop into a new one.

As a leader, you are either focused on innovation, on the future, risk, and creativity or focused on precision, process, and consideration to detail. While some unusual leaders have earned the ability to be good at both of these things, it is extremely rare that one kind of leader can survive to live the other life for long.

Most leaders either have the mindset of building something big on this land or invading new territory. It’s essential to know which leader you want to be and which route is more refreshing for you. If you are wanting to explore new frontiers and find yourself charged with growing the execution of a current process, it feels a little like playing baseball with a tennis bat. If perfecting and tweaking are what you love and you are forced to focus on blue-sky thinking, well, that’s just as hard.

Your business may require both, depending on which stage of growth it’s in. Make sure that if you are an invader, you surround yourself with builders. Just as essential as hiring them, though, is truly giving them enough autonomy to get the job done. Nothing is harder for a builder than you coming in and developing the plans every day to meet your need to innovate. The same is true if you are a builder at heart, but your business needs to traverse new growth opportunities. This test is often more difficult because, in the circle of business, invading comes before building. You have to be powerful enough to allow others to innovate and carry risks that you might not be happy with. You have to let them stay in front.

The most crucial element of finding success is knowing the truth about yourself, no matter which level you fall into. It’s perfectly fine, in fact, it’s better to do what you like as a part of leading your firm. What can kill you is not understanding what that is or letting your strengths hinder the job that others are working to achieve.

No one wants to see themselves in a role that they don’t like or a place where they can’t be their best. As a leader, know what purpose, in a larger sense, you should play in your firm. Then, make sure you let the others in your company be at their best as well.

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