Apple iCloud sign-in, activation suffer 32-hour outage, fixed now


(IANS) An unspecified issue hit Apple iCloud and the users had problems with new device setup and account activation failures for over 32 hours during Christmas, before the issue was resolved and the iCloud backend was up and running.

Several users reported new Apple device activation troubles on Twitter.

Some were “noting long wait times for iCloud account creation and new device setup, while others are seeing complete failures,” reports AppleInsider.

Apple Support said in a tweet on Saturday: “We are experiencing a high capacity at this time which is impacting your ability to set up iCloud, please try back in a couple of hours”.

“We know your mom is eager to have everything working and appreciate you helping to set them up,” the tweet added.

The issue appeared to have affected multiple Apple devices.

The system status page didn’t show issues with any other parts of iCloud or other Apple services.

Nearly 36 hours later, the issue appears to be over.

An Apple status update said the issue as “resolved.” It was not clear how widespread the problem was.

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