Anthony Duluc’s Relentless Mindset Has Provided Him Tremendous Success

Anthony Duluc
Anthony Duluc

Even during times of uncertainty in his life, Anthony Duluc has never strayed from his passion and what he knows his true calling in life is: performing. When visiting a friend, he asked Anthony to think back on a time when he was happiest. Without hesitation, Anthony said that one of the happiest moments of his life was minutes before he was set to take the stage for his school play.

When most of his fellow cast members were nervous and anxious, Anthony was still. He felt a calling to provide the best possible performance for the audience, and the idea of performing didn’t bring about any nervous energy. This is the moment he knew that he had a natural knack for performing, and was a preview of what was to come in his career.

Even though Anthony studied sports journalism in college, he was soon drawn back to performing. He started his fitness journey around the same time he graduated from college, and used his captivating abilities in front of a camera to attract a large following on social media as a fitness influencer. 

Today, Anthony trains several clients that have all stemmed from social media and also works as a TV, film and commercial actor. 

Even though Anthony does what he loves for a living, he’s still dealt with shortcomings and struggles. He’s never shied away from sharing his failures with his audience on social media, and it allowed him to build much more personal connections with his followers. A lot of actors and people in his field tend to hide their shortcomings, so the transparency that Anthony displays is a refresher to his audience and his engagement rates are a reflection of that. 

One of the biggest obstacles Anthony has had to overcome was when he tore his bicep. The surgery and resulting rehab was grueling, but he was back to full health in record time due to his resilience, grit, and around the clock commitment to rehab. In fact, he was able to rehab his bicep just in time for a live segment that aired on Jimmy Fallon where he performed a handstand pushup act. 

Anthony admits it’s been a challenge in his career coping with the idea that the entertainment industry is extremely competitive and cutthroat, and it can be tough to not take it personally when he isn’t selected for a role. But one the flip side, the industry has tons of angles to book a job or get the attention necessary for a role, and his ability to pivot and stay optimistic has provided him tremendous success in his career. 

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