9 Tips Leaders can Use For Effective Learning


Do you often wish you’d ace those tedious training exams with ease? Do you often wonder why that-certain-someone always gets her distinction certificate without cheating? If you do, follow these nine tips, and in no time, you’ll win in your training exams as well because most likely that-certain-someone is using some of these tips described below.

  1. Figure out your favored learning style: There are three types of learning techniques: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Check out which one of those studying styles matches your choice, and when learning, use activities that complement your style of training.
  2. Keep Practicing: In subjects such as General Knowledge, keep reading the daily updates. – Write instead of type. This may be challenging to implement at the start but, really it’s beneficial because writing helps you store data more efficiently in the form of memory while typing doesn’t. I know writing is slow and tedious, but hey, at least your writing will become clear, and you’ll learn more effectively. Isn’t that fabulous?
  3. Don’t distract yourself while reading: No, seriously, stop fiddling around with your smartphone; it’s abusing your learning. Find yourself a soundless place away from your everyone. Trust me, it works.
  4. Ask your mentors for help: Mentors are your friends! Ok, maybe not; however, mentors do help learners who show effort, commitment, and hard work. If you genuinely ask your mentors for help, they will guide you.
  5. Reward yourself for your hard work: I’m sure we’d all love to have the capacity to work and learn effortlessly and tirelessly. However, we all need a bonus once in a while for all the laborious work we’ve put in. These rewards can come in a blend of shapes and sizes. You can buy yourself a new gadget, go outside for a while, and hang around with your friends. As an additional reward, maybe the reward can act as an inspiration for learning and working hard!
  6. Drive yourself: There is no sense in doing something without having an interest in it. No interest = no profit.
  7. Find a reason to learn: Find out why it’s essential to learn different topics and how they can help you both professionally and personally. 
  8. Reflect back upon what you’ve learned: Much of learning goes to waste when we don’t pause and think, what worked and what didn’t work. It’s necessary to reflect upon your performance and figure out how you can enhance your learning. Remember, reflective learning is powerful learning.
  9. Put your plans into action. Sure, reading these tips may provide you with ways to learn effectively; however, all this information is useless until you put your plans to action. Now, use these newly learned knowledge and apply it in your life.

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