79% of Tesla’s US workforce male, shows diversity report

(IANS) At tech billionaire Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla, men represent 79 per cent of its overall workforce, showed the company’s first ever diversity report.

Women represent 21 per cent of the company’s overall US workforce and 23 per cent of all promotions — a 5 per cent increase from last year — Tesla said in its ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report’ on Friday.

While women represent 17 per cent of the company’s directors and vice presidents, 83 per cent of employees in leadership roles are men.

However, nearly 25 per cent of all US hires this year have been women, Tesla said.

“While women are historically underrepresented in the tech and automotive industries, we recognise we have work to do in this area. We are committed to working alongside companies in these industries to make improvements,” said the report.

Tesla said it is taking active steps to increase its outreach to women and build an inclusive culture that supports their development and retention.

“Increasing women’s representation at all levels, especially in leadership, is a top priority in 2021,” Tesla said.

Black and African American employees represent 10 per cent of the company’s US workforce.

Asian employees are 21 per cent of the company’s US workforce and have also seen an upward trend in representation in management, representing 25 per cent of its director level and above employees, Tesla said.

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