7 Creative ways to best optimise your “About Me” page

Perhaps the most overlooked and least understood page on any online site is the “About Me” page, the page that talks about you you, your business, and your team to the world in general.

Here’s the point: Your “About Me” page is relevant real estate, and you should put as much energy into it as you do your sales pages. Why? Because your “About Me” page is marketing the most essential thing of all – why your potential clients should do business with you.

Here are seven ways to best optimize your “About Me” page:

  1. Inspire, inform, and nudge them to take action: Halt! – and you thought writing in a paragraph or two about how and why you got started would be enough. Inspiring, informing, and calling to action sound like solid copywriting, don’t they? And they are – your “About Us” page can be one of the most important pieces of real estate on your website.
  2. Be compelling: Think about the most fascinating people you know. Who do they really talk about? You, that’s who. Anyone who babbles on about themselves without coming up for air is tedious. But when they speak about themselves in a context that’s all about you, every word they utter is fascinating.
  3. Don’t forget to make it personal: People want to understand who they’re dealing with, whether it’s a single-person operation or a large firm. 
  4. Make your “About Us” headlines all about your client: For instance, “We Believe Giving You Outstanding Products and Great Service Will Bring You Back For More.” This communicates what you do in terms of helping your customer and why you do it in terms of your own interests, which makes it that much more convincing.
  5. Add emotional storytelling into your About-Me page: Emotional storytelling delivers chemicals in the recipient’s brain that can increase the possibility they’ll do business with you.
  6. Tell them what to really do: After you give visitors many reasons to believe in you and your products, take them by the hand and show them what to do next, whether it’s signing up to your email list, purchase your service, product, or call your office, etc.
  7. Keep it clean and straightforward: A rough “About Me” page isn’t helpful, and it’s not memorable. Break up your “About Me” page copy into short, easily digestible pieces. Use sub-heads to keep the eyes moving. Don’t clutch copy together in a small space. Use photos with subtitles. Make it fun to read and easy to digest.

Bottom line: Invest effort and time into making your website’s “About Me” page a real ambassador for your company that makes your client feel good about you and, most of all, makes them want to do repeat business with you.

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