6 Ways to Update Your Home and Make it More Eco-Friendly


If you want to update your home, then it’s always a great idea to look for the best eco-friendly options for doing so, as well as those updates which are going to have the environment in mind. 

Here are six eco-friendly updates you can make for your home. 

Make Changes to Your Water Flow

Updating your bathroom taps and shower can help to preserve energy and water. Low flow showerheads and taps mean it’s better for the environment.

Also be more mindful about your water usage, like turning off the tap whilst brushing your teeth, having a shorter shower and making sure you have a full load when doing the washing. 

Rethink Your Garbage System 

If you’re a keen gardener, then you can use a lot of food waste to make your own compost. You could install a compost bin in your garden or yard to be able to use it for food waste. You may also want to update your garbage system and layout in the kitchen and outside to make sure that you’re recycling properly as well as setting the right items aside if you want to make your own compost. 

Maintain an Improved Garden 

Spending time updating your garden can be a huge help for the environment. Growing your own vegetables and herbs can be a great way to source your own items, and you can also make additions to your garden, which allow a safer home for wildlife and small animals. Planting more plants and flowers, or even a tree if your garden and lifestyle will allow it, will also help the environment even more. 

Install Attic Insulation 

Insulating your attic is one of the best ways to preserve heat in your home and reduce energy bills. By heating your home more effectively and ensuring that no heat is lost through your attic space, you can reduce energy demand on the environment, too. 

You can find out more about attic insulation for your home by contacting experts like Attic Projects.

Give Your Appliances an Overhaul 

Check all your appliances and see where you can find an opportunity for more energy efficiency. Be sure to avoid wasting energy by switching off electronic appliances when not in use, too. 

If you’re doing any big improvements, such as having a new kitchen fitted, then it’s the perfect opportunity to reevaluate all your appliances and install more energy-efficient models. 

Switch to Open-Plan

If you’re considering a layout update, switching to open plan can make for a more efficient space. You may be able to improve on natural lighting by knocking down any walls and use energy within one whole space more efficiently than you would trying to run two (or more) separate rooms. It also helps to have one space to heat and maintain more efficiently, so that you can have better control over your main living space. 

There are always ways to consider the environment when making any home changes, so it’s always a good idea to check what you can do better if making any updates. 

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