6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Study Abroad

Over the last few years, studying abroad has become a new normal. Everyone wants to get their child admitted to a prestigious university abroad. Even students want to flaunt their degrees certified by foreign universities for jobs or research and development (R&D) purposes.

In some cases, going abroad for study purposes is essential because some countries may lack the required educational infrastructure that is necessary to pursue a certain course. But, in most of the countries today, several institutes and colleges impart technical and non-technical courses there. 

One should try to complete their academic courses at their own native country–unless the same has been devastated due to natural calamity, war, breakdown of constitutional machinery, civil war, and lack of educational infrastructure.  

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will discuss why studying abroad is not a good idea. Let’s take a look at them–one by one.

An Expensive Affair

One shouldn’t move outside unless it’s indispensable. Instead, a candidate can study the same course in his or her home country (if available) more conveniently at a less fee sans any worries. 

Studying abroad is almost like a mini-settlement there. It includes a lot of expenses; starting from buying winter-specific high-range garments to paying campus-hostel charges and the cost of flight movements, investment will be too much in this. Hardly a fraction of society can afford this!

Missing Family and Friends

Staying away from parents, relatives, and friends is a daunting experience. The pain of missing family, friends, and relatives can be quite stressful and may affect one’s psychological well-being too. Moreover, foreign universities have a tight academic calendar, which may not allow a lot of holidays to go home and come back. 

Also, there’s no guarantee that one can make a lot of good friends during his or her study at an alien land! 

Many times, students are so much affected due to culture shock that they restrict themselves to class, lecture sessions, college campus and canteen only–with no or just a couple of friends to hang out with!

Rigid Application Process

Probably, this is every student’s nightmare. Before fulfilling your dream of studying abroad, you have to crack the application test first! Unfortunately, most applications are rejected on technical grounds. 

Even if you fulfil all eligibility conditions and fill out your application forms correctly, grabbing a seat at any of these universities is still doubtful because thousands of students from across the world apply for a handful of seats at these institutes!

The entire process of filling out multiple application forms and paying the prerequisite application fee is quite cumbersome. And the end result is the typical email–We are sorry to inform you…”

Touts and Immigration Consultant

Many students and their guardians fall prey to touts and immigration agents. They not only charge a whole lot of money from them in the form of consultation charges but also misguide students with wrong and unreliable information. 

Only trust a reliable, well-experienced, and knowledgeable student advisor who enjoys credibility and goodwill in the market. 

Harsh Climate and the Problem of Acclimatization

Leaving all these woes aside, acclimatising oneself with the weather in a foreign land is not easy. Especially if you are from a tropical country like India, then it is going to be quite difficult. The severe cold climate of European nations, the US and other regions may be intolerable to students of tropical countries. 

Many students fall so sick due to harsher weather conditions abroad that they leave their education midway and return home! The medical expenditure in other countries is just too much even for curing a simple cold and cough!

Just for the sake of false pride in studying abroad, one shouldn’t endanger one’s life.

The Misconception of the Highest Paying Job 

Some people harbour a false hope that if they have a degree from a foreign university, then they will get the highest-paying job. It’s a sheer myth. 

A graduation course from a UGC-approved university from an Indian village carries equal value and weightage as compared to someone who graduated with a similar course from Harvard or Cambridge. It holds true universally.  

The best salary packages are reserved for the best deserving candidates not the ones who have graduated from the world’s most prestigious universities. If that was the reason, then there weren’t so many unemployed men and women who have graduated from some of the world’s top colleges. 

In the long run, soft skills, communication prowess, and real knowledge will matter–nothing else. A company will hire you based on your skills, pressure-handling abilities, interpersonal skills and talents, not what you have learnt at your school or college. 

The Conclusion

COVID-19 hasn’t gone yet. Slowly and slowly the world is returning to normalcy but, we can’t take any chance. As far as possible, we should avoid travelling–both interstate and intrastate! 

Considering the ill-effects of Covid-19 in mind and actual feasibility of studying abroad, one should take admission to any good university at one’s native state instead. Ultimately, it depends upon a candidate that how he or she utilises their expertise at their future job or profession.

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