5 Reasons Why You’re Feeling Restless and Unmotivated

It is often said that the only constant thing in life is change. So many people are always interested in having one change or transformation in different aspects of their lives. Some are interested in making more money; some want to shed the extra fat, some want to get more spiritual, while some others just want to get closer to God.

The thing is that many of us always have resolutions at the beginning of every year, but a very tiny percentage gets to achieve their goals – less than 10%. The reason for this low rate is that people lose motivation and become restless along the way, and before you know what is going on, they have forgotten about their lofty dreams. But why does this even happen at all? 

You must be able to identify the feeling of restlessness is natural. Things do not come to pass as we might have planned or expected. The sections below will discuss the five principal factors behind these feelings of loss of motivation and restlessness. Let’s roll! 

  1. Pessimism Galore: We react to failure in life in different ways but what is certain is that many people are forced to reassess the way they look at life once they fail. Failure triggers restlessness in many people, and they find it difficult to remain calm, focused, and concentrating on what matters. They keep asking rhetorical questions as to why it happened to them or why life is unfair to them, or if they ever made the right decision in the first place. Being restless is normal, and we all take time to stop and reassess our lives while wondering if we are on the right path or not. It is hard for many people to overcome the pessimism that comes with failure, especially when they have put in a lot of effort, time, and resources. But if you focus too long on failure, success is going to elude you. You need to learn how to snap out of the bubble of negativity and have a positive mindset. 
  2. Lack of Independence: It is not wrong if you have some people who serve as your pillars in life. Some people contribute positively to our lives, and we gain a lot by having relationships with them and allowing them to guide us in life. But what is not cool is when you take the dependence to the extreme, and you become helpless once these figures are not present in your life anymore. It can be truly destabilizing, so you need to maintain some degree of autonomy in whatever you do in life. 
  3. Being an Island: While it is good for you to be independent to an extent, it becomes harmful if you also take it to the extreme. Some people have so much distrust of other people that they cannot work with anyone. They have formed an impenetrable shell around themselves and can even lose touch with reality. You must not be one of those people because you are going to end up losing motivation and positivity without even realizing it. 
  4. Multiple Conflicts: Some people have turned themselves into tormented souls because they are fighting so many people or things at the same time. Yes, life is full of struggle and challenges, but you are going to end up exhausting yourself if you are taking on too many tackles. Some may be trying to get that ideal body weight while also trying to fix their marriages and trying to run a business and make millions all at the same time. Yes, these are all noble goals, but the problem here is that you are taking on too much at the same time. If you continue this way, you are going to become burnt mentally, and you will not be able to achieve all that you have set out, no matter how good the plan is. 
  5. Killing Your Real PassionIt is normal for everyone to have conflicting thoughts about anything and everything. That voice in your head encourages you to stay true to yourself while there is another one that heaps nothing but criticism upon you. Some people are not able to balance these forces, and they end up suppressing or killing their truest passions in the process. But the thing here is that if the emotional battle is too much for you, you can always get professional help from psychologists. Seeking help from experts is a good way to get the much-needed balance that will assist you in re-orienting your life. 

It can be overwhelming if you are trying to handle all these feelings of restlessness and loss of motivation all by yourself – get help and be alive again! 

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