4 Reasons Why You Should Send Wedding Invitations Online


If you’re wondering whether you should send your matrimony invites over the web or through the mail and are struggling to find an answer, you might want to read this article.

Every year several million wedding invites are sent across the globe. Some extremely lavish, while others not so much. However, every invite is sent with the intention of inviting an important person to something extraordinary happening in a couple’s lives. It is always an honor to be invited to somebody’s wedding.

With the wedding season fast approaching and the pandemic resurging, here are a few reasons why you should send e-invites:

1. Cost-effectiveness:

When searching for the perfect wedding cards, price matters. Wedding cards can add up, on average, about $400 to $650. Source: Shutterfly

This can go up to thousands of dollars depending upon how flashy you want your cards to be. However, in today’s day and age, having a minimalistic wedding with only the important invitees is just one part of the program. 

Most couples choose to have one event for their close families and another for their distant relatives. With such a large number of guests, going for an electronic alternative is not only practical but also

2. Speed of processing:

Using e-mail will not just make sure that your message will definitely reach them but it will also reach them almost instantly. This way you will not have to worry about whether they have received the message or prepare the mails weeks in advance. 

This also means that they will be able to send you RSVP’s over mail which will cut the long wait of receiving RSVPs and can allow you to initiate the backup invitee messages as soon as possible. 

Such a process will not only drastically reduce your waiting time but also make it a lot more efficient for you.

3. Making the process easier:

Keeping everything online simply makes the process easier. From designing and decorating custom wedding invitations with companies, that can turn your wedding card picking effort into a walk in the park, to reducing the stress and time involved. With several templates and designs, which you can pick at a moment’s notice, selecting and customizing your wedding card will be a snap.

On top of all that, you will no longer have to check individual stamp rates, buy envelopes, find the addresses of each invitee or spend hours upon hours sticking stamps and paying postage service.

The invitees will also no longer have to bother with spending their time to go to the Post Office to mail an RSVP and will end up replying to your invitation much quicker.

Apart from all these benefits, the increased time will give you room to fit in more personalized messages which will not only impress but also leave a lasting impression on each guest invited.

This may also be used to invite particular guests to bridal parties or other occasions without the knowledge of the other guests.

4. Eco-friendly Option:

Between the two alternatives, online wedding invitations leave much less of a mark on nature. With millions of weddings being conducted every year, hundreds of tonnes of paper are used to make wedding cards and envelopes. This adds up to the feeling of several million trees. 

You can prevent this by taking the initiative to pick an environmentally-conscious option to not only protect the earth but also educate your guests on the importance of conserving paper and other natural resources.

Be the change that you wish to see!

A wedding is a momentous occasion for everyone involved, be it the bride, the groom, their families or their friends. Most people will be unwilling to compromise even an aspect such as the invitation card. 

Making sure your wedding is special will mean sticking to your principles and doing what you feel is right. Buying paper cards just for the ceremony when you consider yourself environmentally conscious is going to make you question yourself which will lead to quite a bit of trauma. 

So make sure you remember to pick the option which has proven to be faster, more cost-efficient, safer on the environment, and works easiest with you.

May the wedding bells toll loudly for you!

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